Floyd Mayweather at United Hatzalah HQ
Floyd Mayweather at United Hatzalah HQUnited Hatzalah

Former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather was one of the first to support and mobilize his resources in solidarity with the State of Israel. After first sending his private plane to deliver medical equipment to the country to help those injured, Mayweather embarked yesterday (Tuesday) on a visit to see and support Israel from up close.

On Tuesday morning, Mayweather paid a visit to United Hatzalah’s headquarters in Jerusalem. He was welcomed by United Hatzalah President and Founder Eli Beer and CEO Eli Pollak, who described to the champion boxer the organization's mission of saving lives. Mayweather was visibly moved when he was introduced to volunteers and heard their accounts of bravery and courage.

The former boxer’s visit continued with a tour of the organization’s Dispatch and Command Center, during which United Hatzalah VP of Operations Dovie Maisel gave an overview of the lifesaving activities carried out by the organization’s 7,000 volunteers, Jews and Arabs alike across the country in times of routine as well as since October 7th. Maisel showed the boxing world champion the incredible technology that enables United Hatzalah volunteers to be the first to respond to calls. Mayweather also saw the organization’s trailblazing invention of ‘ambucycles’, emergency motorcycles used by first responders to cut through traffic and arrive at medical emergencies rapidly.

“United Hatzalah’s activity is astonishing and I hope that the entire world adopts the model of providing medical treatment within 90 seconds, United Hatzalah volunteers are world champions of lifesaving” said Mayweather at the end of the visit.

“It was an honor for us to host the incredible Floyd Mayweather, a true friend of United Hatzalah and of the people of Israel, who came to Israel especially in order to express solidarity and support,” said Eli Beer, President and Founder of United Hatzalah. “He took the time to come and see the amazing work of our thousands of volunteers in times of routine and during these challenging times. It’s a big honor for us, and we are thankful for his generous support. I was pleased to give Floyd our “Lifesaving Award”, which was handed to him using a drone, that our drone unit can use in times of emergency to send medical equipment from the air in areas that are hard to access. I thank Floyd for his support for United Hatzalah and for the people of Israel,”