The threatening letter
The threatening letterFrom X

Avi Saada, brother of MK Moshe Saada (Likud), received a threatening letter from the "Israeli Revengers" organization.

On Saturday night, Matanel Gotliv, son of MK Tally Gotliv, tweeted, "And we also received a letter, containing our personal details (address and national ID number), with a threat to our lives - I, my uncle, my father, my wife, together with families of [those in the] coalition who received the letter."

Previously, MKs Eli Dallal and Eliyahu Revivo (Likud) received similarly threatening letters.

The letter reads, "We will find one of your family members who we will manage to harm without revealing ourselves. From every extended family of a member of the coalition of October 6, we will hit one person in the first stage - it could be an adult, you or your partner, or one of your children or the children or grandchildren of MKs."

"That person will be harmed for what is not his fault, exactly as happened to 1,400 people murdered on October 7 and hundreds of IDF soldiers who fell and continue to fall."