Gallant meets Yamam soldiers
Gallant meets Yamam soldiersAriel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Today (Monday) Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant visited the National Counter-terrorism Unit (Yamam) of the Israel Police. Minister Gallant was briefed on the operation conducted overnight to rescue hostages held in Gaza. The Minister was briefed by the Police Commissioner, Commander of the Border Police, Commander of the Counter-terrorism Unit, and troops who led the operation.

Following the briefing, Minister Gallant held a discussion with troops serving in the unit and commended them for their determination and courage. Minister Gallant emphasized that successful operational efforts advance additional efforts related to the release of hostages.

“I came here to salute you and to express my appreciation. The result of the operation is very impressive, reflecting the capabilities of this unit and your ability to cooperate with the ISA and the IDF. I saw your cooperation with the Navy Seals (Shayetet 13) and the Air Force,”

“Hamas is vulnerable – we are capable of going everywhere and achieving our missions. The public knows that they have someone to trust.

“Our existence here depends on deterrence. The symbol of this war cannot be the images from Nir Oz – the symbol must be the destruction of [Hamas] in Gaza and Khan Younis – the elimination of terrorists above and under the ground. Thank you – you are on the frontline, and you represent our spirit.”