Measles (illustrative)
Measles (illustrative)iStock

A fourth case of measles has been diagnosed in Haifa, bringing the total in the past two months to seven measles cases in northern Israel and one - an adult - in Jerusalem.

Israel's Health Ministry has reported that the child who contracted measles has an epidemiological connection to the other two children who were diagnosed with measles a week and a half ago.

The Ministry last month reported that epidemiological investigations revealed a connection between all seven of the previously-diagnosed cases.

Following his exposure to the virus, the newly-diagnosed child received a vaccination against measles. Vaccination has a chance of preventing infection if it is administered within 5-7 days after an individual is exposed to measles. When it does not prevent infection, it may still reduce the severity of the infection itself.

The child remained at home during the period during which he was contagious, thus preventing other people from being exposed to the virus.