Hamburger (illustration)
Hamburger (illustration)iStock

The three largest hamburger chains in Israel, McDonald's, Burgeranch, and Burgerim will all switch to entirely the stricter "mehadrin"-level glatt kosher meat, it was announced today (Thursday).

The move was the result of an initiative by the IDF rabbinate in light of the extensive food donation campaign which has been ongoing since the beginning of the war with Hamas. Rabbis in the IDF have been receiving requests from religious soldiers who only eat glatt kosher food.

While the meat used by the chains will be "mehadrin", there will still be multiple branches that do not have kashrut certification and are not considered kosher because they serve meat with dairy and are open on Shabbat to cater to a non-religious clientele.

It took several months of work to secure this change, which was undertaken under a long-standing initiative to ensure that every soldier who requires "mehadrin"-level food receives it.

The IDF also enlisted the help of global kashrut organizations, including OU Kosher, in these efforts.