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Senior leadership of IDF and Shabak are now “advising” the government to allow Arab Muslim workers from Judea and Samaria to work in Jewish communities throughout Israel again as well as advising the government to strengthen the Palestinian Authority.

Many Israelis are in shock, because that was the exact “expert” advice they gave about allowing Gaza workers to work in Israel and giving Hamas money, to help them out economically and prevent terror. In the end, the massacre on Oct. 7th proved that theory tragically wrong. In the end, Gazan workers acted as spies, took part in the massacre, and celebrated with the whole Gazan population as the massacre was taking place. Israelis are in shock that the defense establishment is still stuck with the flawed strategic thinking of Oct. 6th!

If you ask me, every single one of the persons holding senior IDF and intelligence positions should have been fired on Oct. 8th for dereliction of duty. Yet, they are still in their positions pushing the same failed strategy as before the Oct. 7th massacre.

Now, I want to dig a little deeper, so please follow this timeline of events…

First the defense and media establishment claimed that withholding money from Hamas would lead to terror.

After Oct 7th the media establishment then blamed Netanyahu’s giving money to Hamas for what led to the horrific massacre.

Today the defense and media establishment claim that withholding money from the Palestinian Authority will lead to terror. (By the way, the only one standing and blocking this like a wall, stopping all payments to the Palestinian Authority, is Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich).

Do you think the defense and media establishment have learned their lesson?

Wait, that’s not all…

Here is another example…

The defense and media establishment pushed for Netanyahu to release 1,000+ terrorists so that Hamas would release Gilad Shalit, because Netanyahu was against it. He then agreed to it, after the tremendous media campaign, marches and protests, with the support of defense “experts” in the security establishment. Sinwar was one of those releassed.

After the Oct. 7th massacre, led by many of those terrorists released in the Shalit deal, the media establishment shamed Netanyahu for releasing the terrorists in the Shalit deal.

Today, the same retired elites of the defense establishment and media establishment are pushing for Netanyahu to stop the war and release as many terrorists as necessary for Hamas to free the captives.

You think our defense “experts” and media establishment have learnt anything?

Why stop there!!!

In 1993, the defense and media establishment supported recognizing the biggest Jew-hating arch-terrorist, Yassar Arafat, as a “peace” partner, pushing us to give away our land and give his army of terrorists guns!

Half the country, the right-wing of course, protested in the streets screaming that it would bring terror upon Israel, which it did. The defense and media establishment called us “enemies of peace” and delegitimized our communities and voices.

In 2005, this same defense and media establishment then supported the disastrous Gaza “disengagement”, which meant destroying 21 thriving Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip and expelling close to 10,000 Jews from their homes.

Half the country, the right-wing of course, protested in the streets screaming that it would bring even more terror upon Israel, including rockets on Ashkelon and massacred in Israeli communities, which it did. The defense and media establishment once again called us “enemies of peace” and delegitimized our communities and voices.

Today, the retired defense “experts” and media establishment are now blaming Netanyahu and the right-wing for the Oct. 7th massacre, calling to end the war and to bring down this government in the middle of the war in order to have new elections.

You think our defense “experts” and media establishment have learnt anything? The answer is a resounding No.

They are the most untrustworthy voices in the Jewish state of Israel for decades, demoralizing the nation and 100% responsible for creating the public pressure that led to the disastrous diplomatic and defense catastrophic decisions that paved the way for Hamas to commit the Oct. 7th massacre and take our people captive!

Ultimately, the IDF military and intelligence leaders are supposed to provide the advice, and leadership, to win wars and protect civilians from any harm, and they have consistently failed at this due to a misreading of reality, thinking that their duty is to “manage a conflict”, and manage an enemy population, instead of defeating a murderous enemy.

But, do not despair, there is an undercurrent of optimism in our reality today.

More than ever before in modern history, the Jewish people, especially in Israel, are very much united. It is only the tiny disconnected elites of the far left, who run the media, the universities, the major Jewish-progressive foundations that have tremendous influence on IDF senior and has-been (and more often than not, failed) retired officials, and career government staff, who have been leading the Jewish people to destruction for the past few decades.

And those days are coming to an end.

IDF soldiers pray / פלאש 90
IDF soldiers pray / פלאש 90

Thankfully, the Jewish people in Israel are more united than ever, more Jewishly identified as a collective than ever before, and, as a whole, seeing the truth about our reality more than ever before, despite the demoralizing establishment media who have begun saying that we have lost the war and should give up, with all signs pointing to the contrary.

And the good news is, that this time, we will win! We will beat our external enemies and we will beat the tiny minority of our leftist elites as well. It might seem impossible and daunting, but it is happening. That is why they are so scared and calling for new elections in the middle of a war, despite the fact that a majority of the Israeli public supports ending this war with a clear victory that allows Israel to remain in full control of the Gaza strip.

This is making the defense and media establishment go crazy. A good sign that we are winning!

All one has to do is see the spiritual revolution going on around us today in Israel, on so many levels. It is that spiritual revolution that is our true salvation, and it is unbelievable!

It is all up to us together with the one above. Do not forget it – we are winning!!!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

Avi Abelow is the host of the Pulse of Israel daily video/podcast (PulseofIsrael.com) and the CEO of 12Tribe Films Foundation. After working as a change management consultant for Accenture in NYC and opening up their Israel office in Tel Aviv, Avi then produced the acclaimed movie “Home Game” about Gush Katif. Due to the success of “Home Game” worldwide, Avi made a career change to dedicate his time to using media, videos and social media to promote the politically incorrect truth about Israel, the Jewish people and the freedom-loving world. Today, Avi also is the Director of 12Tribe Films which manages IsraelUnwired.com.