Saad V’marpeh
Saad V’marpehSaad V’marpeh

“I’m bleeding out. Please, help me.”

It’s mid-day, but the sky is a sunset of smoky gray and gunfire. Aryeh’s chest heaves and perspiration trickles down his broad back. He hastily squats down to examine the soldier in front of him.

Green eyes. A young, handsome face. Blood, everywhere.

In this moment, Aryeh must act fast.* He aptly applies a tourniquet and signals to his teammate that this soldier needs immediate transport. The ambulance has already left with three soldiers in critical condition inside. Aryeh practically roars as he hoists the young man onto his back, and runs as fast as he can.

By foot, the hospital is two hours away.

In times of conflict, that’s when the true heroes emerge. Since the first day of the war, the volunteers of Saad V’Marpeh, under Rabbi Moti Fried's guidance, have been on a courageous mission: Ensuring that every wounded IDF soldier is swiftly transported from the battlefield to the hospital.

These volunteers provide critical first aid and emergency transport, bridging the gap between the battlefield and hospital care, but Saad V’Marpeh's services extend beyond medical assistance. They have been actively involved in delivering care packages to soldiers and serving meals on the frontline, actions that boost the morale of our troops.

The organization’s remarkable efforts, captured in poignant photographs and videos of volunteers with wounded soldiers, are a testament to their dedication and the critical role they play. However, the ongoing crisis has placed a significant strain on Saad V’Marpe's resources, and there is now a pressing need for substantial donations.

In the organization’s own words: “The situation is dire, and our resources are being rapidly depleted. We are calling on you to help us keep this vital lifeline going. We cannot underemphasize: Your donation today can save a soldier's life tomorrow.”

When it comes to a cause like Saad V’Marpeh, every second counts. And when it comes to Jewish lives, every life is a world worth saving. To help Saad V’marpeh save the lives of precious Jewish soldiers, please make a tax-deductible contribution here>>>

*Several details in this story have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.