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The air was thick with smoke and fear. As terrorists struck their city, Elisha Shafer and his family dodged through the screams and sirens and narrowly escaped. It was a scene of sheer panic and horror on October 7th, a memory that would hauntingly linger in Elisha's mind.

But the terror of that day was only the beginning. Just as they began to settle away from danger, Elisha, only a teenager, faced a new, unexpected challenge. Days after the attack, his persistent weakness and unexplained symptoms led to a harrowing revelation: he was suffering from a serious, previously undetected and life-threatening medical condition, brought to the fore by the stress of their traumatic escape.

Now, in the relative safety away from the terror-stricken city, the Shafers confront a different battle: Securing the necessary treatment for Elisha in the midst of their own upheaval and uncertainty. His condition demands immediate and costly treatment, a daunting prospect for a family already stretched thin by the recent upheaval.

Elisha's plight is a stark reminder of the unseen scars left by terror, and the family urgently needs support. Your contribution here can offer Elisha a chance at recovery and provide some stability for a family reeling from recent events.

Please help Elisha and his family during this critical time here. Your support can make a much-needed difference in their fight for a return to normalcy.

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