IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade on Wednesday night completed an operation to take control of Post 17, a military fortress belonging to the Hamas terror group and located in western Jabalia in northern Gaza.

During the operation, the soldiers waged a battle with terrorists belonging to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, who were at the post both above ground and in underground tunnels.

IDF forces on Wednesday night completed the takeover of a Hamas post, after several hours of fighting.

The forces took control of the post after 10 hours of fighting, during which they eliminated terrorists, confiscated many weapons, and exposed tunnel shafts, including one which was located near a preschool and which led to a wide underground path.

During the takeover, Nahal Brigade forces located and collected significant operative material on the Hamas terrorists' operations plans.

Parallel to this, since Wednesday morning, IAF planes have attacked hundreds of terror targets.