Recruitment office
Recruitment officeOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Approximately 120 haredim enlisted Monday morning in the IDF.

The group, which arrived at the Tel Hashomer draft office, is expected to undergo a short basic training, after which they will be placed in various positions, such as paramedics, ambulance drivers, heavy equipment drivers, or packaging food.

Since the start of the fighting on October 7, when terrorists breached the Gaza-Israel border fence and rampaged Israeli towns, massacring and kidnapping, over 2,000 haredim have requested to join the IDF and take part in the war effort.

Benny Schwartz, a 39-year-old resident of Beit Shemesh and a father of five children, enlisted Monday and told Galatz, "In times of war, every person has an obligation to give his maximum."

The IDF has three main programs for those yeshiva students who received army service exemptions but who now wish to serve. Most of these men are over age 26.

The first program, called "Stage Two Path," has new draftees undergo a shortened basic training, learn to use weapons and then join the reserve forces.

The second program has new recruits perform tasks which do not require special training or basic training, including helping with funerals, serving as cantor, and helping with packaging and equipment maintenance.

A third program which has been requested is that of non-military volunteering, in which the IDF uses civilians who wish to volunteer for specific tasks needed by the IDF.