EMT Aviya Hezroni
EMT Aviya HezroniMDA Spokesperson

Senior Magen David Adom (MDA) EMT Aviya Hezroni, 69 years old, was murdered in his home by terrorists who broke in and shot him during Hamas's attack on southern Israel on Saturday.

Aviya volunteered for over 20 years at MDA, he provided medical assistance in the Be'eri sector, was a senior EMT at MDA, and was one of the ambulance drivers in the kibbutz. Aviya's friends tell of a man of great giving who put MDA and saving lives as the first priority.

Meir Elmaliach, manager of Netivot Station MDA and a close friend of Aviya: "I have known Aviya for about 30 years, and I can't believe I am talking about him in the past tense. He is a very, very close friend. He accompanied us for many years, he is a special person, he was the father of the station in the kibbutz. An amazing man, an amazing grandfather, an admired man who carried people on him, very smart and professional, and all he did was give. I saw a lot of people who loved MDA. I didn't see any who loved MDA as much as he did, and probably I won't see either."

MDA Director General Eli Bin eulogized Aviya Hezroni: "Aviya was a giving man who contributed a lot to Magen David Adom; his work at the Netivot station and Kibbutz Be'eri will be remembered for many years. MDA employees and volunteers bow their heads and mourn this great loss. May his memory be blessed."