Medevac helicopter
Medevac helicopterMDA Spokesperson

During the Yom Kippur Fast, Magen David Adom (MDA) teams responded to 3,025 calls. 295 people fainted and suffered dehydration as a result of the fast. 2,069 people were evacuated to hospitals.

MDA teams treated 307 children and adults injured while riding bicycles of all kinds and rollerblades, 34 car accident victims, of whom one person was moderately injured.

37 people were injured as a result of violence, of whom two were shot dead in Taibe and Kabul.

MDA teams treated and evacuated to the hospitals 170 women in labor. Four deliveries were assisted by MDA teams.

During the holiday, MDA Blood Services supplied 161 blood units to hospitals throughout the country.

"During Yom Kippur, MDA teams were on the highest level of alert. The stations were reinforced by volunteers, deploying ambulances and Medi-Cycles in the communities and neighborhoods, activating First Responders in synagogues and next to the Western Wall," the organization said in a statement.