IDF forces in Samaria (archive)
IDF forces in Samaria (archive)IDF Spokesperson

A group of residents of Kibbutz Meirav in the Gilboa region crossed the Judea and Samaria security barrier this evening (Monday) to enter the Arab town of Jalbun after shots were fired at their community earlier today.

IDF forces extracted the Meirav residents from the scene and security officials are investigating whether they cut the security fence in the area to enter the village.

This afternoon, terrorists opened fire on an IDF patrol car near Kibbutz Meirav. No one was injured, but the vehicle was hit. IDF forces began pursuing suspects.

This was the second such shooting attack today. Earlier, terrorists from the town of Dayr Sharaf in Samaria opened fire toward a military post located on the outskirts of the town. The post was struck, but no injuries were reported. Shell casings from the spent bullets were found following the shooting.

In the morning, a terrorist was neutralized after he attempted to commit a stabbing attack at the Mizmoria checkpoint near the Har Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem on the road to Gush Etzion. No injuries were reported.

This evening, a terrorist threw stones and a hammer at an Israeli bus which was driving adjacent to the town of Azzun. The windshield was damaged in the attack. IDF forces opened fire at the suspect, who was wounded and subsequently arrested.