Protesters demonstrate against driver's release
Protesters demonstrate against driver's releaseAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Dozens of protesters, most of them Ethiopian Israelis, on Monday are protesting outside the Tel Aviv District Prosecutor's Office, demanding a proper investigation into the death of Refael Adana, 4, who was killed three-and-a-half months ago in a hit and run accident in Netanya.

Refael was declared dead nine days after the accident.

The driver who hit him escaped the scene in her vehicle. The next day, police arrested Dr. Heidi Fassler and her mother Carol on suspicion of involvement in the accident.

Refael's family has come out in protest, after learning that there is no intention to charge Carol, the driver, with manslaughter, and instead charge her only with abandonment.

The demonstrations are held in protest of the intention to release the driver and to demand that she be brought to trial in an appropriate fashion.

The family's attorney said, "The Prosecutor's Office told us that they will not charge the driver with manslaughter, and only maybe with abandonment - and even that is not certain, since there is no evidence that proves that she noticed that she had hit him. How can you ram a person and then say that you didn't see?".