Arutz Sheva-Israel National News spoke with Stéphane Sireau, Vice President of High-Tech Industry at Dassault Systèmes.

Sireau praised the work the company has with Israeli companies and said that the Israelis are "very fast-paced, very hands-on, and always a pleasure to work with".

"What we really appreciate working with Israeli companies," Sireau added, "is the entrepreneurial spirit, whether it's from the start-up level to larger companies."

Sireau defines Israel as a "powerhouse" in the domain of Hi-tech. "It's really important for us to work in Israel"

Asked what the high-tech industry's biggest challenge these days is Sireau answered: "For high-tech companies, it all boils down to creating smart and sustainable high-tech products that deliver the best customer experiences at all times."

"Data-driven, model-based virtual prototyping with multi-scale high-accuracy simulation across physical domains – mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid and thermal – across all stages of the product design process, from early concept evaluation to virtual compliance testing, is the way to be competitive in this challenging and complex industry" he explained.

"Put simply," the senior hi-tech official added, "Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers high-tech innovators to innovate faster, and more sustainably. Dassault Systèmes recently showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona its capabilities in this field, through its “Agile Private Wireless Networks” solution launched just a few months ago."

"Some of the brands in which the company work with in the high-tech sector are Panasonic Connect, Nokia, Vayyar (Israeli Company), Bosch, and Bosch Car Multimedia. Also in other sectors, Dassault Systèmes collaborates with a wide range of notable Israeli companies, startups, and Israeli labs and research institutes. These organizations represent the diverse sectors of the Israeli high-tech industry, from autonomous driving to telecommunications, semiconductors, and 3D printing." he concluded.