Yaya Fink
Yaya FinkScreenshot

Kippah-wearing left-wing activist Yaya Fink criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's publications about protesters blocking ambulances in the "Day of Disruption" protests.

Fink said, "Netanyahu, I simply hate you. I don't hate many people in the world, if at all, but I'm tired of you. Yesterday, you uploaded to your social media that ambulances were delayed because of the protesters. On the contrary, every time there was an ambulance, we quickly moved aside".

Fink continued his remarks against the prime minister: "By the way, go check the data, how long did it take on average for an ambulance to arrive on days other than yesterday and [in comparison to] yesterday? You know what you'll find out? That you're a liar and a liar again. Don't believe our Prime Minister, he just wants to wreak havoc. This is not my Judaism."

Yaya Fink, once a Labor Party Knesset candidate and CEO of the left-wing Darkeinu organization, collected money for the Arab residents of Huwara following the cold-blooded terrorist shooting of Yagel and Hallel Yaniv of Har Bracha as they drove past the Arab village. A survey of Palestinian Arabs showed that 71% supported the murder and a group of Israelis, only some of whom were "settlers" rioted and set fire to vehicles and properties in the village, including the used auto parts lot of a resident. Contrary to early media reports, no one was hurt or killed in the vigilante-type event. During the shiva for the two boys from Har Bracha, Fink donated the money he collected to Arabs whose property was damaged.