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Parashat Pinchas
Presented By: Rav Mordechai Gershon

Written by: Shilo Hagar

In Parashat Pinchas, the posuk says: "Only through a lot shall the Land be divided ... according to the names of their fathers' tribes."

Why did the Torah require the division of the Land of Israel to be done specifically by a lot?

God, who created the world, recognized which tribe is a match for a given portion of the Land. The tribal division by lottery indicates that this essential connection is God given and above human understanding.

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Eretz Yisrael Does Not Accept our Enemies

Presented By: Avrum Leeder
Written by: Meir Simcha Moondshine

In the Shabbat Musaf Tefilah Av Harachamim, we recite Av HaRachamim, a memorial prayer for those killed for the sanctity of God's name in Am Yisrael's exile.

Why is it appropriate to mention the Land of Israel as part of this prayer?

The Land’s destruction and desolation achieves atonement for Am Yisrael's sins.

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