Biden addresses a Joint Session of Congress
Biden addresses a Joint Session of CongressReuters

‘Bad Actors’ appear to relish testing Israel’s resolve to face ever increasing danger zones, most formidable among them being Iran with its oft repeated objectives of “Death to Israel”; closely followed by “Death to America,” while labeling the latter, a "Satan Nation."

Its proxy fighting nation Hamas’ charter calls for an end to Middle East Jews. Cumulatively adding to these threats are indirect support from the Palestinian Authority under leader Mahmoud Abbas, who almost daily discharges terror forces to instill fear within Israel's borders via the P.A. “Pay to Slay" terror tool; and UNRWA’s (Palestine) propagandized child education indoctrinating hate while fostering lethal targeting of anything or anyone perpetuating a Jewish presence in their neighbor’s historic homeland; through martyrdom.

President Biden and his administration consistently go out of their way to demonstrate goodwill to Palestinian Arabs through repeated gifts of millions upon millions of ‘unconditioned’ U.S. tax dollars thereby leaving Mahmoud Abbas with the distinct impression that at the end of the day they can channel these monies as they wish; even funneling large sums to subsidize deadly terror activities in Israel, Judea, Samaria and perhaps assisting Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Incessant repetition of Palestinian Arab propaganda contesting Israel's legitimacy appears to have further enabled baseless self-serving Middle East history revisions that legitimize and promote murder towards Israel's Jewish citizenry of all ages, and may test targeting Jews in the United States and abroad. This further destabilizes the Middle East and works against the Biden espoused so-called “2-State Peace solution.”

In the face of the resultant surge of anti-Semitism, it's fair to ask what concrete actions the Biden administration and their advisors intend to utilize when taking on hate based defamation, slander and liable damaging actions, as they accompany the discrimination targeting Jews and Israel? This as other nations stand idly by on the sidelines watching to see if the U.S. is serious or just spewing politically calculated soothing rhetoric. Will the Biden Administration abandon its Jews and ally Israel as it abandoned Afghanistan? Time will reveal President Biden’s true character.

Of course Biden must also address hostile fomenting from within the so-labeled progressive wing of the Democratic membership who actively advocate for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction viewed by many of their other elected colleagues from both sides of the aisle as evil tactics intended to economically weaken Jews, as was the case during the formative European Nazi Era of the1930’s through the early 40’s. Jews were reduced to poverty and slowly became a pariah people which eventually enabled setting them up for the "Final Solution," then. And I suspect today's virulent enemies of Jews may envision the same outcome now; beginning under President Biden's watch.

President Biden must utilize the Justice Department to set the proper framework to challenge today's “Status Quo” of extremist defamations, lies and history revisions; all seemingly permitted, if not enabled by bending First Amendment Rights, without recognizing associated limits and responsibilities that accompany Freedom of Speech principles.

Jews must continuously keep in mind the yearly Passover Prophetic warning: “In every generation, one shall rise to destroy us.”

Americans must investigate what leaders may be currently playing fast, loose and deceitfully with America’s Jews.

This may be best determined by simply probing the following four pivotal responsibility concerns:

(1) Which highly placed elected leader in government may prove instrumental in challenging the promotion of the U.S. State Department adopted “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance '' (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism for a suspected fear it might hinder covert agendas of forces hostile to the fate of Jews?;

(2) Who amongst them also covertly contests Jews' rights to live in their indigenous homeland, Israel?;

(3)Who in elected or appointed governmental leadership appears to look aside while Jewish students are actively targeted on college and/or high school campuses across America for harassment/ violence/ property destruction simply for the victim pursuing their Jewish faith and/or their attachment to Israel?;

(4) Who in highly placed American leadership is making unreasonable demands of Israel to selectively alter its security responsibility to counter covert illegal terror financing through legislation, and to be silent as Oman mediates a successor nuclear weapon arrangement with Iran; even as the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) seemingly under duress closed their investigation into “undeclared” Iranian nuclear sites (each point jeopardizing Israel’s welfare)?

The White House must keep in mind:

(A) Iran is a nation that has yet to prove itself anything other than an enemy to America; via its eventual nuclear weapon ambitions and its highly sophisticated missile program capable of transporting its mass destructive payload with increased accuracy and speed, courtesy of its Space Satellite guidance system; to which the sole Jewish State on Earth may prove potentially vulnerable;

(B) Existential threats to Jews and Israel may well translate to America.

Bruce Portnoy, is an Opinion Journalist, author of the Geo-political thriller, First, the 'Saturday People.' and then the...