Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
In Austria, a school had the brilliant idea of changing a song's words from "Gottes Liebe ist so Wunderbar" to "Allah's Liebe ist so Wunderbar".

Isn't everything wonderful?

A few days ago, I wrote about Bordeaux. Now it's the turn of Grenoble, the city made famous by Stendhal. Because by discovering how a city goes insane, you can better understand the collective madness that has enraptured the West, where there are now two factions facing each other in the open field (non-populist / pro-European): those who defend civilization and those who deconstruct it.

Éric Piolle, ecological mayor of Grenoble, the capital of the Alps of Roman foundation before being the "European green capital", has just pulled a brilliant idea out of his woke hat: "We delete references to religious holidays in our calendar and declare public holidays the secular holidays that mark our attachment to revolutions, the Commune, the abolition of slavery, the rights of women and LGBT people".

Of all the Christian holidays: it's time to celebrate the Rainbow flag. Ramadan tomorrow?

The idea is not new. The French revolution introduced new days of the week and new months of the year by replacing Christian holidays with the cult of reason and virtue. In Germany, the Nazis added the Führer's birthday. And the Soviets on the Day of the Red Army and the Day of the October Revolution.

But where did the mayor get the idea from? After seeing absenteeism with skyrocketing numbers of Muslim students from school during Islamic holidays.

Piolle - the first green mayor of a large European city - has been described as "the deconstructed man who becomes dhimmi". He wears the mask of this strange Western suicide.

The mayor had already organized and financed the "decolonial month" in his city, in which the "white man" was tried. The concept is simple: Western white men, after stripping former colonies and ruining biodiversity, are racist, sexist and colonialist against migrants who have come to settle in Europe.

Piolle has also authorized the use of the burkini, the Islamic swimsuit, in the municipal swimming pools. "Social progress", explained the mayor who had already defended the "Hijabeuses", a women's collective for the full veil in football matches. It is not true that Western elites side with Iranian women. At best, it's just fluff. At worst, connivance.

The city of Grenoble also campaigns for the Islamic veil in its posters posted on the streets, but finds nothing schizophrenic about creating "genderless schools". What will the Grenoble teacher think, the one on whose computer the police found 1,000 jihadist propaganda photos and videos?

Grenoble is becoming Islamized and L'Incorrect magazine calls it "Al Grenobla".

So why not build a new 2,200 square meter mega mosque as well?

So it goes without saying that half of the Jews from Grenoble have already left, as denounced by the chief rabbi, Nissim Sultan. Michel Houellebecq on Israeli TV said that environmentalists "collaborate" with Islamism. But Macron's ministers also accuse them of "flirting with Islamists". For example, the ecological mayor of Poitiers chose to post a veiled woman on the pediment of the town hall on the occasion of 8 March. The city of Strasbourg, governed by an ecological mayor, financed the Great Turkish Mosque "Eyyub Sultan".

Meanwhile, at the Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble, Professor Klaus Kinzler ended up under guard after seeing his name and her face posted on the walls of the university, under the words "Islamophobic fascist”.

Jean Messiha, the Coptic president of the intellectual circle "Vivre français", is right when reacted to the mayor's proposal to cancel the Christian calendar as follows: "Let's transform our country into a virgin exoplanet ready to be colonized by all identities. Let's erase all that we are and our origins and start all over from year zero".

Is the future of the West this stupid woke Kampuchea, heir to the Khmer Rouge who, on the day of the fall of Phnom Penh in 1975, proclaimed, "Year Zero begins and the past no longer exists"?