Avi Maoz
Avi MaozIsrael National News

Three months after resigning from his post, the chairman of the Noam Party, MK Avi Maoz, is returning to the government, and will be appointed to the position of deputy minister.

On Sunday, the government will vote on Maoz's reappointment, as well as on the establishment of the Jewish National Identity Authority, which was a demand of the Noam Party in the coalition negotiations.

The new authority's budget this year will be 120 million shekels, and next year it will receive 165 million shekels.

Before Tuesday night’s vote on the state budget, Maoz threatened he would vote against it if the authority was not established, before ultimately voting in favor of the budget.

The authority headed by Maoz caused a firestorm in the past, after it became clear that it would be responsible over the Education Ministry's unit for external programs.