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Mr. Roger Waters:

Ra: photos of murdered Jewish children


1. In a recent article in Haaretz you said that on the table in your office you have placed photos of Palestinian Arab children who died at the hands of Israel.

Arab children, sadly, have died in the conflict between Israel and Arab terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but that has always been a result of the unavoidable casualties of war. Israel has always tried to warn civilians of impending attacks and has refrained from action when it sees children near its targets.

And most important: Children have never been the target of Israel operations. In contrast, terrorists place rocket launchers and bunkers in close proximity to children and put their own youngsters in danger.. They also murder Israeli children in cold blood.

2. Since you are a person sensitive to the terrible loss of chidren's lives I am sure you will also post pictures of innocent Jewish children who were aimed at and murdered just because they are Jewish

3. I am attaching here the photo of Shalhavet Pess, a ten month-old baby girl murdered by a sniper sitting at a window overlooking a play area, who aimed a shot at Shalhevet's head while she was in her stroller, as well as the photo of Yoav, Elad and baby Hadas Fogel, three children murdered by two terrorists while they were at home on a Friday night. The murderers slit the throat of little Hadas in cold blood as she slept.

I am also attaching the photo of 13-year-old Halal Ariel, murdered in her bed while she was sleeping. She was a promising dancer.

4. If you are interested in more photos of more murdered Israeli children or in obtaining more information about the murdered children, I would be honored to send them to you. There are, for example, the four Hatuel daughterrs, 5 year old Daniel Shefi, 14 year olds Yossi Ish-Ran,and Kobi Mandell, 5 month-old Yehuda Shoham, 4 year-old Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder and his 2 year-old sister Hemda Schijveschuurder, and too many others, murdered at close quarters or killed by bombs deliberately planted in public places.

5. Perhaps you could provide me with a photo of the new pictures once they are displayed on your desk.

Best regards

Shai Glick CEO of Betzelmo

Shalhevet Pass
Shalhevet PassCourtesy

Hallel Ariel
Hallel ArielCourtesy

Yoav Fogel
Yoav FogelCourtesy

Elad Fogel
Elad FogelCourtesy
Hadas Fogel
Hadas FogelCourtesy