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Thieves falling out engulf onlookers in a moral quagmire. They lay the blame on one another, and the biggest scoundrel hoodwinks people of his moral high ground. The same scenario played out during the week gone by. Pitted against one another, three villainous heads of state fell out. Uno was the Godfather of the Biden Family; duo the Kremlin’s Don Corleone; and tre, impersonating a statesman, was Ramaphosa of SA Criminal Inc.

A clash of two titans and a midget, you may say. President Uno accused President tre of selling guns to President duo. The scrap was enlivened by each one having valid credentials to be most corrupt. On one criminal aspect they met on common ground: all three had treated and traded national assets like their personal property. In fact they clashed over one of those clandestine transactions.

The Biden regime caught Ramaphosa’s loading guns aboard a Russian-flagged ship called the Lady R in the dead of night in the naval port of Simons Town. Putin, desperate for weaponry in his faltering war against Ukraine, would have paid the earth for stock held by SA Criminal Inc. which had previously flogged the country’s strategic oil reserve to an accomplice at a knock-down price.

At the same point in time a coincidence took place that was so unlikely that none of the scoundrels could possibly have expected such a denouement. In the full glare of Americans the Biden Family last week was nailed for laundering money it made from peddling influence to America’s enemies, Joe Biden & Son effectively acted as foreign agents. By “nailed” I mean officially.

For a long time the Bidens were bookmarked as the biggest racketeers in Washington DC.

While Vice President under Obama, Joe was ‘The Big Guy’ in Hunter Biden’s laptop, raking 10% on deals with foreign entities from China, Romania and Ukraine. Which made the FBI desperate to enlist accomplices like Twitter, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other Democrat organs of propaganda to limit what Americans could access on the eve of the 2020 election, thus permitting the Dems to load a puppet of a President on America. And now the regime has caught Ramaphosa’s syndicate flogging ‘ammo’ to Vlad the warlord. A pretty kettle of fish!

How did Ramaphosa when caught “red” handed deal with the sting? By resorting to the method he employed to protect comrades from paying the price for their treason (‘State Capture’ as they call it.) That’s what he did – set up a commission of inquiry. Giving time for the embarrassment to blow over, it would inquire whether comrades did indeed swell foreign bank accounts courtesy of moneybags Putin. A howling protest of offended innocence clarified just how much was at stake for SA Criminal Inc. Unless it stays “non-aligned” in the Russia-Ukraine war it will invalidate trade agreements with the US and Europe – trade that just about keeps the country afloat.

As bad as Ramaphosa’s record may be, there are solid grounds for putting him after Biden in the state capture stakes. The latter has captured federal agencies like the Department of Justice and the FBI to prosecute political opponents. If anything the rule of law in Blue states is more broken than South Africa’s rule of law. At least the latter doesn’t have political prisoners languishing in solitary confinement and denied even a bail hearing.

What about the Kremlin’s Don Corleone? What’s been Putin’s play in the saga? For me that’s closer to home. My spouse worked for his nuclear company, “Rosatom South and Central Africa.” As a Ukrainian she was laid off when her employer invaded her country. All local staff were laid off, and the company re-staffed with Moscow acolytes. Now they sit, cosy in Cape Town doing ….? Of course it’s some game for laundering money and Russians, courtesy of SA Criminal Inc.

If and when the Biden regime presents South Africa with the bill for showing the zap sign at sanctions on Russia, it would be well and truly the straw that breaks the camel’s back. South Africa is already a failed state with a flailing economy and the world’s highest unemployment rate. Getting into bed with the Reds? Has SA Criminal Inc lost its tiny mind? Sure it has –being a hater of Israel par excellence.

Walter Russel Mead explained why hating Israel and moronic diplomacy are like Siamese twins. Warning Congress about making deals with Iran, he observed that, “Quite sane leaders when it comes to Israel lose their minds. Nations and political establishments warped by Israel-hatred tend to make one dumb decision after another.’

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