A Jewish passenger on a London, England bus was assaulted verbally and physically on Friday morning by a man wielding a long yellow pole, according to disturbing video footage posted to social media by Stamford Hill Shomrim.

Besides the Jewish passenger, who filmed the incident, the assailant also directed antisemitic abuse at other Jews on the bus, according to Shomrim.

“We're seeking information on a reported hate crime that occurred at approximately 9am this morning on the 253 bus route, Finsbury Park to Stamford Hill. A male suspect targeted Jewish passengers, using racial slurs,” they tweeted.

Calling for any witnesses to come forward, they added: “Any details, no matter how small, could assist in identifying the individual seen in the attached video. Your help is crucial. Together, we can fight against hate.”

In the video, the assailant goes on an antisemitic rant, full of multiple expletives, calling Jews “f***ing devils” and telling the Jewish passenger filming, “That's where you come from, you shouldn't be in Palestine, you're some [expletive] murderers. Kill children... you enslaved black people for 500 years. Jew.”

The man then repeatedly accuses Jews of being “devils” and continuing to loudly use profanity, tells the Jewish passenger that “Israeli people are dead in a bloodclart.”

“Me tell you that, the black god tell you that. Record it, record all of it,” he yells.

He begins waving the yellow pole he is carrying at the filmer, and then shouts: “Bloodclart 10 Downing Street, tell them the black god said all of the people are imposter, deceive people that you are Jew.”

He then tries to hit the Jewish passenger with the pole, yelling: “[Expletive] lying bloodclart and you kill them with black people.”

The man proceeds to attack the Jewish man with the yellow pole, slamming it into his phone and trying to hit him in the head.

When the Jewish passenger reacts, saying “Sorry, don’t touch me in the head,” and “Sorry, don’t hit me,” the man becomes even more agitated and screams: “Take your thing off me before me mash it up.”

The lengthy altercation occurred with the assailant standing near the bus driver, who in the video appears to ignore what is going on, not reacting.