Rocket attack from Gaza
Rocket attack from GazaREUTERS

You are not alone.

Even the tiny ones, no more than two or three years old, know what it means when the siren sounds. Time to move their tiny feet in a run for the bomb shelters.

Yes, in the South, many homes have shelters in the house.

What a way to live.

But that’s life for Israelis who live along the border with Gaza, and the savages within…within the infestation that became Gaza.

Yes, I said savages.

We are told there’s a lull in the conflict, that, in fact, it’s all over. To the Israelis on the frontlines, there is no such thing.

It is never over.

They abide with the trauma that next moment, next day, it can start all over again.

By now, people know that I have family in Israel.

Besides the fact that klal Yisroel is my family, I likewise have immediate relatives residing throughout the Land – mishpacha.

All are Chabad.

They are numerous and they are gorgeous and studious, religious and playful, and when the bombs start to fall, they must feel targeted, deserted and alone.

They must feel that it is the entire world that has come crashing on their heads…the vibes of scorn emanating even from the US Congress.

That is where Rep. Rashida Tlaib and her fellow scoffers have staged Nakba events in league of the terrorists.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t be troubled. That is not the measure of the entire Congress, nor of the American people.

Forget the politics. Americans don’t live by politics alone. Listen to the people.

Many have reached out to me, and surely to other likeminded writers, to serve as their messengers.

They want it known that they are fully with Israel, particularly the Israelis who are sitting ducks along the South.

Among these Americans, some are outright hawkish in terms of their advice for Netanyahu and the IDF.

“Go, Israel, go,” says one in plain speak.

Says another, more to the point, “Finish it off, Bibi.’

From a fan of the Phillies: “Hit it out of the park, Bibi, like Bryce Harper.”

As we wrote some time ago about Americans: “Say the word, and we show up."

“Without our storming the beaches Western Europe would be speaking German, and Eastern Europe would be speaking Russian.”

Thus, the past. This, the present…

“Once we were near invincible, and now we are down in the dumps, but it would be a bad bet to count us out.

“We shall return. Stick with us and stay tuned.”

So too, the true America sticks with Israel.

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