Israel's Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism and Delegitimization, actress Noa Tishby, sat down with comedian Bill Maher on his show Real Time on HBO to discuss Israel's judicial reform legislation.

"What's happening in Israel right now is literally democracy on full display," proclaimed the actress. She explains how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the election a few months ago and formed a right-wing coalition. As new governments in the United States do, the new government jumped in to make changes. "They suggested a judiciary overhaul that's gone too far, and the Israeli people are basically rebelling against it," she claims.

Tishby explains that the Israeli system is different than the American one in that there are not exactly checks and balances between the three branches and that there is no constitution.

The actress claims that the majority of Israelis are against the reforms, and she believes that the legislation will not pass.