Meeting between OU and United Synagogue in NYC
Meeting between OU and United Synagogue in NYCOrthodox Union

The Orthodox Union (OU) recently held a summit for the first time with Europe’s largest synagogue movement, the London-based United Synagogue.

The United Synagogue overseas 60 Orthodox communities in the UK.

The OU met with the organization’s representatives at its new headquarters in downtown Manhattan, including the United Synagogue's CEO Jo Grose and COO David Collins.

The visit was the first occasion that officials from both organizations have met in person and involved relationship building, collaboration and discussions on solutions to common issues facing the US and British communities.

Opening remarks at the meeting were given by OU President Mitchel Aeder who welcomed the United Synagogue delegation to New York.

There were also roundtable discussions on “Torah values; cultivating women in leadership; and growing the pipeline of Jewish leaders.”

“It was a pleasure to introduce Grose and Collins, as well as the entire delegation, to the important work that the OU is doing, as well as show them Orthodox synagogues and schools in the area,” OU’s Community Projects and Partnerships National Director Rabbi Simon Taylor said. “The visit was a watershed moment for them that has the potential to change the future of the United Synagogue.”

“It only makes sense that two of the biggest institutions should collaborate to make sure we’re thinking of all possible creative solutions,” Grose said. “We really appreciate the warm welcome we received from the OU and thank them for facilitating important conversations about collaboration and global challenges in Jewish engagement. We look forward to hosting OU leaders in London soon.”