Residents of Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, furious after a man hung Nazi flags from the windows of his apartment, have contacted both the building’s property manager and a city lawmaker representing the area but the flags are still up.

The StopAntisemitism organization denounced the Nazi flags and called for an investigation by the building’s property manager and local officials.

“[Attention] residents of Edgewater, Chicago – your new neighbor at Magnolia and Ridge appears to be a fan of the SS Nazi regime,” the tweeted, along with a photo of the apartment’s two windows inside which Nazi flags were being flown.

The flags are clearly visible from the street and appear to be illuminated by a light inside the apartment at night.

“[Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd.] and [Alderman Harry Osterman], please look into this, your neighbors and constituents stated they have contacted you both yet the flags are STILL up,” they added.

A Jewish resident of the area, Matthew Rais, told ABC7 that he was shocked by the flags. He described always feeling welcome in Chicago in the past.

"It's a lost cause what they're fighting for. We're all Americans and we need to come together in unity," he said.

The news outlet reported that the man who put up the flags was Peter Craig. He told them: "I don't like Nazis. Nobody likes Nazis. Nobody likes what happened in World War II. But everybody in America deserves to have their home as their sanctuary.”

Craig claimed that he put up the Nazi flags to call attention to his missing fiancée. He added that he was threatened by the landlord with eviction for the flags and is negotiating to remove them.

"I'm not a skinhead. I am not a skinhead. I'm a long-haired, peace loving, freaky hippy," he said.

But with the flags still in the apartment’s window, neighbors continue to be outraged, with residents calling for a community response.