Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accused the protestors who trapped his mother Sara Netanyahu in a hair salon in Tel Aviv last night (Wednesday) of attempting to lynch her.

"It wasn't a demonstration, it was an attempted lynching. There was a point where I was scared for my mother's life," Yair Netanyahu told Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio). "If this had happened while [Opposition leader Yair] Lapid or [former Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett were the prime ministers, with Lihi Lapid or Gilat Bennett being confronted by right-wing demonstrators, I'm not sure it wouldn't have ended with live fire [at the demonstrators]."

He further claimed: "My mother has been misogynistically and chauvinistically persecuted for 30 years by male journalists who persecute her in the most animalistic and primitive manner. But all the feminists are ok with it because they don't care about the women who are hurt, it's just a ploy to attack the right."

"I don't expect anything from them, they see us as the enemy, they see me as the enemy, the right as the enemy. So I see them as the enemy in turn," he said.

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was trapped inside a hair salon for over three hours after a mob of over a thousand left-wing protestors gathered the salon outside upon learning of her presence on the premises.

Police were summoned to extricate the Prime Minister's wife. Hundreds of officers, many of whom were on horseback, were needed to ensure her safe passage.

Many of the protestors chanted: "We will not allow her to leave the barbershop," "The country is burning and Sara is getting a haircut, and "May your faces be burned."

Prime Minister Netanyahu said last night in response to the incident: "The anarchical activists led by Lapid continue to cross red lines. Right now they are harassing and threatening my wife in Tel Aviv. I call on Lapid and the opposition to stop this immediately and condemn this shameful and unprecedented act."

Opposition leader Yair Lapid condemned the protestors who trapped Mrs. Netanyahu in the hair salon, tweeting: "I call on the protesters in Kikar Hamedina to allow Sara Netanyahu to leave and go home. Your fight and ours is against the regime coup and the destruction of democracy."

Before the Prime Minister's wife was escorted from the hair salon, National Unity Party chairman Benny Gantz also called on the protesters to leave.

"I call on the protesters in Kikar Hamedina: Let the Prime Minister's wife return home, and continue to wave your flags," he said. "We will continue to act together, in a variety of legal ways, to stop the coup d'état."