Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday expressed hope that Israel would choose Ukraine’s side in his country’s war against Russia.

Speaking at a press conference marking one year since the start of the war, Zelenskyy said in response to a question from an i24NEWS correspondent, “For a while, during the war, I wanted to get Israeli support – not just from the population, because there is a lot of support there – but from the politicians.”

“For me, it was very important. Historically important. Ukraine has historically excellent relations with Israel. We had many conversations at various levels, with various authorities, public and off the record, in various formats, various territories,” he added.

“It was difficult to change [Israel’s] positions because Israel has a complex situation with Russia – Iran and Syria etc. However, I very much would like them to be not a mediator in this war but to choose a side. And I would wish they would choose the side of Ukraine,” said Zelenskyy.

Israel has delivered several tons of humanitarian assistance and defensive equipment to Ukraine during the war, but has stopped short of selling advanced weapons to Kyiv.

Zelenskyy was critical of the previous government due to this refusal, and denounced the lack of aid from Israel during the war with Russia, saying his country got “nothing” from Israel.

He later reversed course and said he sees a "positive trend" in Kyiv's relations with Israel after the two countries shared intelligence about Russia's purported use of hundreds of Iranian drones in the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine's Ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, recently said his country would give Israel’s new government a chance.

In his comments on Friday, Zelenskyy said Ukraine will prevail if the West keeps to its pledges on weaponry and financial contributions.

"If partners respect all their promises and deadlines, victory will inevitably await us," the Ukrainian President stated.

Zelenskyy got emotional when talking about how the war could end, saying a diplomatic path be followed only if Russia halts its aggression.

“Stop (destroying) all our infrastructure, energy, drinking water. Stop bombing towns, villages, killing dogs and cats, simply animals, torching forests,” he said.

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