Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu
Rabbi Amichai EliyahuIsrael National News

Minister of Heritage Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu spoke to Israel National News on Thursday and responded to claims by the opposition that the coalition’s calls for negotiations on the judicial reform are merely an attempt to dispel the protest against the reform.

"We are confusing two different matters. There is a difference between negotiations and a compromise. There should always be negotiations, we must be able to have a dialogue and also make corrections, but there should not be a compromise. There is a moral injustice and a democratic injustice here. There is a system of ‘eliteocracy’ here that removed a sitting Prime Minister, started investigations and tried to tamper with witnesses and exert immoral pressure on the Prime Minister's associates, an ‘eliteocracy’ that consciously acted against the late former Minister of Justice Yaakov Ne’eman. There is a group here that appoints itself, and we need to exercise real democracy in the face of this judicial dictatorship," he said.

"An eliteoracy has been created here that thinks it controls democracy, and we have to say in the face of this we that it will not happen," said Rabbi Eliyahu, who added that "if there are amendments that need to be made, we will make them. I know from my friends in the coalition and the government that none of them want a dictatorship here."

"We all understand that today we are in the government and tomorrow we may not be in the government any longer, but the reality that Israel has experienced in recent years, especially since the judicial revolution of Aharon Barak, is a reality in which there is a group that is above the laws and above morality and above democracy, and this thing cannot be permitted to continue to exist, and the sooner the better," said Rabbi Eliyahu.