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It’s about bringing down the Netanyahu government. Judicial reform is just a pretext, a red herring.

Right now, I’m reading that former prime minister Ehud Olmert is calling for something more than demonstrations. He wants “real war.”

Others want “civil war.”

What’s it really about?

It’s about Netanyahu, period.

They want him out, and any excuse will do. Judicial reform is just the thing.

Beware the Deep State (as here in America) when it becomes aroused, and it became aroused the minute someone not like them, Netanyahu, won the high office.

This, to them, was intolerable, and unforgivable, and it hurled them into disbelief, that an outsider beat them at their own game.

We, they figured…we own the media, we own the judicial system…so how did this happen? That it happened infuriates them.

Netanyahu faces the same entrenched leftist bureaucracy that Trump still faces here in America. They won’t let go.

As we wrote before, hell hath no fury as leftists scorned.

Instantly, upon his election, the losing team cried foul and called for an uprising, riding judicial reform as their stalking horse.

Never mind that cutting the High Court down to size needs doing, many legal experts, outside of Dershowitz, agree, and forget that it is still in the stage of a proposal.

Nothing has happened yet, and if it will, it takes plenty of time, something like this, at best, months, but probably years.

Not overnight will the judges give up their powers to rule legislatively.

Nor will they be quick to abandon their tribal rights to choose fellow judges to join them on the High Court, an “all in the family” system that works hardly any place else.

Nepotism this is.

Who judges the judges?

But the Deep State wants action against Netanyahu now.

So in one form or another, they keep calling for insurrection, and presto, 100,000 of them go marching in Tel Aviv. And then in Jerusalem.

Haaretz and The New York Times gloated over this.

Then the mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, ramped up by saying that “Democracy can be restored only via bloodshed.”

Subtle, they are not.

Neither are they original. “The sky is falling” approach, that is, to losing Democracy, is a Deep State fabrication that originated in the United States.

It was how they went after Trump, through the false charge that he was colluding with Russia, and so for five years we kept hearing how Democracy is finished in America.


But we own this.

Quit borrowing from the worst of us.

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