Antisemitic flyers were discovered in Modesto, California on the third day of Hanukkah near the city’s only synagogue, the Modesto Bee reported.

The hate literature was left driveways to be found by homeowners. The flyers contained similar antisemitic content found in previous cases around the United States and were placed in zip-lock bags and weighted down with chicken feed, similar to previous incidents of antisemitic flyers that were weighed down with rocks or rice.

Modesto has experienced at least two other incidents of antisemitic flyers in the last six months, Congregation Beth Shalom Rabbi Shalom Bochner told the Bee.

“The individuals who do this are trying to stir up hate. They are trying out frightened people,” he said. “They have certainly not scared me; they have increased my determination to spread light and [be] proud [of my] Jewish identity.”

The latest flyers included photos of Jewish public figures with Stars of David over their foreheads.

Modesto police surged residents to document the flyers so that they could potentially be investigated as hate crimes.

“People look the other way when there is hateful rhetoric. We are aiding and abetting if we are not responding,” Rabbi Bochner said. “City government should respond to these incidents; there should be public statements made.”