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A playground in Montclair, New Jersey was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti over the weekend.

The graffiti included multiple swastikas, antisemitic phrases and hate speech, according to the StopAntisemitism organization.

Lt. Terence Turner of the Montclair Police Department said that there were seven different antisemitic phrases spray painted on the playground, including on the park gate and the slide. They were contacted about the graffiti on Saturday.

StopAntisemitism described the graffiti, which included Nazi references, as “grotesque.”

“Suspected or confirmed bias incidents are serious and are fully investigated,” Turner said. “This was the only incident of antisemitic graffiti that we have had recently.”

The Montclair Department of Public Works along with an office were able to remove all the graffiti.

The incident is being investigated by a Department detective who is trained in hate crimes along with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, New Jersey State Police and the Essex County Prosecutor's Office.