At the protest
At the protestIm Tirtzu

The Parole Board of the Israel Prisons Service recently decided Thursday that it did not have the authority to grant the request of Palestinian Authority terrorist Nasser Naji Abu Khamid for early release from prison on "humanitarian grounds."

Abu Khamid is responsible for the murder of Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahane, who were murdered in a shooting attack near Ofra 22 years ago; for the murder of Gadi Rajwan 20 years ago at a spice factory in the Atarot industrial zone; and further involvement in other murders. The committee also stated that even if it had the authority to discuss the release of the terrorist, it would not have ordered his release.

Prior to the hearing, Im Tirtzu activists and representatives of bereaved families went to the Ramle Magistrate's Court to protest the hearing on the release of the mass murderer terrorist Abu Khamid.

Limor Har Melech, who was wounded in an attack in 2003 in which her husband was murdered and the terrorist who murdered her husband was released, called the very discussion a "moral disgrace, indicative of a distorted morality. The release of the terrorist will give additional motivation to the terrorists to carry out future attacks."

Shai Rosengarten, Director of Activism of the Im Tirzu movement, said: "It is not possible that a bloodthirsty animal responsible for the murder of seven innocent Israelis will be entitled to submit even a request for release on 'humanitarian' grounds. The only worthy fate for this kind of person is living behind bars without any possibility of shortening his sentence or visits. We will continue to fight with all our might so that the cry of the murdered and their families will be heard."