An American tourist who was denied a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican proceed to smash two ancient Roman sculptures in a fit of rage.

The 50-something man went on the rampage at the Vatican Museums on Wednesday at around noon when informed an audience with the Pope would not be possible, according to the New York Post.

The Vatican Museums house the large collection of art amassed by popes from the seventeenth century until today.

The man became livid after being told he would not be able to meet the pope and allegedly charged into one of the ancient statues in the museums’ Chiaramonti Hall. The force of the man’s blow knocked the bust of its pedestal and sent to the ground, ll Messaggero newspaper reported.

As he was making his escape from museum guards, he knocked over a second statue that hit the floor.

Both statutes were 2,000 years old. The two priceless artifacts were damaged but not irreparably.

A tour guide was able to prevent him from destroying a third statue and he was held by museum staff until the Vatican police showed up minutes later to place him in custody.

“The busts were affixed to shelves with a nail but if you pull them down with force, they will come off,” Vatican Museums spokesman Matteo Alessandrini told CNN.

“One lost part of a nose and an ear, the head of the other came off the pedestal,” he added.

The Chiaramonte Hall contains over 100 ancient Roman busts and statutes.