Defense Minister Benny Gantz had an unexpected meeting during his morning jog today (Friday) when he bumped into Sharif Hasson, one of the cops involved in the arrest of a 19-year-old resident of Shechem (Nablus) planning to commit a largescale terror attack in Tel Aviv.

In the video, captured by Or Heller, military correspondent for Channel 13 News, Gantz can be seen thanking Hasson for his bravery.

"It's all thanks to God," says Hasson after greeting the Minister of Defense, to which Gantz replies by thanking the officer for his bravery in the line of duty. "Good for you for your courage and dedication," says Gantz.

The detained suspect was nabbed near Jaffa clock tower with a makeshift 'Carlo' submachine gun along with two pipe bombs filled with nails.

According to officials, the suspect had served time for carrying a knife at the Temple Mount.

Police superintendent Kobi Shabtai said the man was, "planning to commit a massacre."