Rabbi Haim Amsalem
Rabbi Haim AmsalemFlash90

The Jewish Home party is in talks with a former Shas MK, as the deadline for registering Knesset slates for the upcoming election nears.

With just over two weeks left for parties to submit candidate lists for the November election, the Jewish Home said Monday that it is in advanced talks with former MK = Haim Amsalem.

Representatives from the Jewish Home, including Yossi Barduni, met with Amsalem several times recently as part of the talks, the party said.

“The National Religious Party – Jewish Home is conducting advanced talks with a number of public figures in Israeli society who adhere to the values of the National Religious Party.”

“The National Religious Party – Jewish Home is the only national religious party. Beware of imitators.”

Amsalem, a 62-year-old Algerian-born rabbi, was twice elected to the Knesset with the Shas party, before bolting from Shas in 2012, establishing the Am Shalem party.

The party ran in the 2013, receiving 1.2% of the vote, below the minimum threshold.

Amsalem made another bid for the Knesset on the libertarian Zehut party’s list in April 2019.

Zehut received 2.74% of the vote, short of the 3.25% needed to enter the Knesset.