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“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.” Proverbs 8:13

“Hate evil, you who love the Lord.” Psalm 97:10

Gotham City in the grip of a ghastly criminal genius is the cue for Batman. The incredible thing about the comic strip is that a Gotham super menace plagues not just contemporary America but blocs across the Atlantic, One billionaire through his colossal and moral crushing endowments is alleged to bankroll crime waves, border disarray, poll rigging, rioting, culture war and even anti-Semitism, earning György Soros his black returns on capital.

Batman would be hard put to rescue the land of the free and the brave from this diabolical grip. Half of America – the Democrat half – barricade the anarchist from scrutiny. This makes him impregnable. A moral moat perhaps is the most difficult to cross. Opponents are stopped in their tracks by a manufactured moral outrage with quite an impaired connection to anti-Semitism.

How lucky he is to be a Hungarian Jew by birth and upbringing; Democrats won’t let their king of nihilists face scrutiny. Though he endows groups and entities peopled by anti-Semites, crackpots and even psychopaths, Soros can’t as a Jew be taken on.

“Invoking George Soros as a puppet master behind current events is an anti-Semitic trope. Such insinuations are dangerous and have no place in our political discourse.”

Look at the protection racket applying the stickiest of stigmas to make Soros off limits. Jonathan Greenblatt runs the ADL as an arm of the Democrat party. Note the way he contrasts “anti-Semitic” with “our discourse.” What Greenblatt means by “our” goes to the bad core of the apple he bites on. He means decent people whose political discourse is the default one – the leftist one. Political discourse to the right of it, especially investigating or confronting Mr Soros –alleged employer and paymaster of anti-Semites paid to give Israel a bad name – is hate speech in Greenblatt’s book.

Take on Soros and you earn the stigma of being anti-Semitic. Unmolested, he makes the most of his immunity. With protectors on one side and adversaries on the other he steps away to let them collide.

‘Omnipotent’ aptly portrays the outreach of this mastermind. Hardly a fringe or dotty movement is not claimed to be in his deep pocket. Even that feverish and burning American summer of 2020 was a kind of personal tribute to Soros the man of untold agendas. If not for him, it is said, BLM would be a blip; the police would not be defunded; immigration control would not lapse; Antifa thuggery would not threaten; prison doors would not revolve on serial felons; District Attorneys kind to criminals would not get elected; theft under $900 would not be dismissed as a naughty ‘misdemeanour’; the ‘Spygate’ attack on Trump and the national security apparatus would be pure conspiracy talk; Alex Jones in 2017 and Trump betrayers would not benefit from book contracts.

To acutely polarise and immobilize America would, for anyone attempting it, be a lifetime pursuit. Not for the man who broke the Bank of England. Soros went and wrapped his troubling tentacles around blocs of Europe. His protectors make out that he’s a good influencer of politics through his Open Society Foundations funding education, human rights, criminal justice reform, democratic reform and public health. Apple pie stuff.

When speech is curbed and people are purged for the greater good, be very afraid. Soros acolytes do it for window dressing a mad vision of a world without borders, and centrally governed. Elites like Soros see nothing sacrosanct about sovereignty. To the archangel of impudence national borders are archaic hindrances. A man who named his empire the “Open Society Foundations” – after the epic 1945 treatise by Karl Popper –is an Orwellian character; after all Popper’s ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies” is a defence of liberal democracy under threat from oligarchs with utter contempt for the common man. Soros is Popper’s oligarch; he knows better than any elected leader and common voter what is best for their country.

Those who deny Soros being a defacto supranational power with an agenda to override the ballot box in Baltic States, must be one of three things: a liar, blind or idiotic.

How can there not be pushback from anti-Semites! Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban may or may not be one, but there’s no denying the bind he’s in consequent of Soros gambling with a country and its culture. Some half a century ago President Ronald Reagan spoke of a trend that was threatening even then. “A nation, said Reagan, “that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

The globalist knows what he’s doing. The crux of Orban’s bind is that Soros is a Jew and seemingly a rapacious one. Whither are borders going? Not just Hungary’s but those of Eastern Europe. Nationalist fervour and Jew face off on either side of border disarray.

It would make Soros a meddler even if Hungary were a failed state. But what is he doing fiddling with a functional democracy, a paid-up member of Europe! Soros has called Hungary a Mafia state. Viktor Orban would be closer to the mark calling his antagonist a Mafiosi.

To his credit Mr Soros is not secretive. He speaks his mind.

“Orban treats the protection of national borders as the objective and refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

It could be the definitive meaning of Jewish chutzpah. No question, it’s the perfect case of, who pays the piper calls the tune.

Soros, backing anti-Zionist groups, fringe parties and human rights monstrosities, does both. His proxies play for one end game: to kill off Israel the Jew among nations. To make it the world’s polecat they wage propaganda war. They have an idea makeup for the task: greedy and consumed by the oldest hatred. The Soros payroll speaks for itself. Download. Amnesty International; Human Rights Watch, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Crimes of War Project, National Iranian American Council, Breaking the Silence, etc.

What is on the ticket to gain access to free money? The qualifier is proof of operating one or more Israel hating campaigns. It could be the “Durban Lawfare strategy” to portray Israel as a racist, Apartheid endeavor committing crimes against humanity. Or it could be trying to weaken public and political support for Israel. Or it could be some entity or group on the Israeli fringe using Palestinian Arabs and human rights as cash cows. One could also be doing a PR enhancement of Iran’s murderous image, or shielding Iran from efforts to stop it developing the bomb.

This unholy alliance would infuriate anti-Semites, for authentic reasons, to learn from the late Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks. He applies biblical incidents involving the oldest hatred to separate anti-Semites into two groups, based on motive or lack of it.

The one group is the Pharaoh type with hatred of Jews driven by fear. “When hate is rational,” wrote Rabbi Lord Sacks, “based on some fear that – justified or not – has some logic to it, then it can be reasoned with and brought to an end.” The Israelites posed a threat to Egypt. By reproduction alone they could overwhelm it or side with enemies. And this drove Pharaoh’s hatred.

Rabbi Sacks’ other type of hatred – the one we believe, wrongly, to be the only type – has no logic and brooks no argument. He instances the Amalekites attacking the vanguard of Israelite columns trekking to the Promised Land. The attack was unprovoked, had no strategic value. It was hatred pure and simple.

Amelekite crazies would be your fired-up anti-Zionists. For a stand out examples, Presidential contender Bernie Sanders and his following ache to too see Israel liberated from the river to the sea.

What about Pharaoh-type haters? Where today are the anti-Semites to whom Jews pose a threat, who fear and loath Jews for their destructive power? They are Hungarian or Czech nationalists who regard Soros as a threat to their country’s very existence. In the bastions of freedom, in America, Israel and Europe, Soros, they say, undermines the will of the people expressed at the ballot box. And the Soros disciples do their utmost to push back for the paymaster.

Human rights watchdogs that proliferate on his money lambast Hungary’s government for cracking down on Soros. Balint Bardi, a Budapest media worker says that, “We have pushed for greater acceptance of refugees and migrants, putting us at odds with right-wing governments and far-right political parties,” Bardi believes that her government is waging a campaign against Soros as part of a broader strategy to exploit xenophobic feelings. His opponents, according to Bardi, want to deflect attention from a government crackdown on civil society in order “to gain popularity for the government”.

Notice:[i] A watchdog decrying the xenophobia its master orchestrated by pushing Viktor Orban to open the borders to untold migrants who, learning from Britain, France, Spain, will not assimilate into a Judaeo-Christian culture, let alone the risk of security, PC for outbreaks of terror using bombs, knives, trucks for murder and mayhem. [ii]“Right-wing governments and far right political parties.” When did Bardi the journo qualify a government as ‘Left-wing’ or a political party as “far-left?” Right wing is bad and left-wing is good? Democracy is only acceptable when voters return governments the left-wing like? [iii] “To gain popularity for the government.” Is it not precisely what a political party is supposed to do: get elected by popular vote? What does Bardi want the successful party to do: to make itself unpopular!

For an astute anticipator of money markets who broke the Bank of England, Soros’ investment in disciples returned products with faulty brains like Bardi the journo. Another inferior product from the Soros mill is a human rights ‘expert’ named Nora Koves. It is not playing fair, she complains, to require transparency of entities that receive more than $26,000 annually from Soros. Why should government and public even know that her business is foreign-controlled? Koves is on the Soros payroll, the meddler who wants to remake Hungary, like God made man, in his own image”.

Basically,” says Kovos, “we are the last critics standing in Hungary. We are the professional criticism of the government.” Notice. [i] Who or what is a ‘human rights expert’? Could it be Nora Koves describing herself? [ii}Is there even a talent known as human rights expertise? What route must one take to reach that pinnacle? [iii] At the end we learn that Nora Koves works for Budapest-based Eotvos Karoly Policy Institute, another outfit surviving on the bottomless pocket that is Soros. [iv] “We are the professional criticism of the government.” Yes they are. Professionals live on what they get paid to do.

Hungary’s government styles itself as the defender of “Christian Europe” against a surge of Muslim migrants incentivized by Soros and his corruptibles to pick Hungary as a likely place to settle down, all the while educating Europeans to regard borders and sovereignty as unwonted vestiges of bygone days. All over Europe it’s a common tale. A former Prime Minister of Poland, Jarosław Kaczynski, blamed Soros-funded bodies for advocating “societies without identity”. Anti-Soros laws and rhetoric are part of the landscape in Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

All this fed-upness is a big deal. Who shall cast the first stone at Viktor Orban for plastering billboards with the face of the instigator on them all over Hungary! “Don’t let George Soros have the last laugh,” the billboard warned Hungarians. Anti-Semitic! Leftists blow the whistle. Are the billboards that? We don’t see a dark voracious rodent on them. No sign of a spider with a big nose spinning a thick web about the globe. No headshot of Soros with curly tentacles. There is a jovial face which could be Jewish or not.

Lydia Gall, another expert watchdog at Human Rights Watch finds the anti-Soros billboards “reminiscent of Nazi propaganda from the 1930s”. Gall is offended by the image of “the traditional grinning Jew” and the play on “stereotypes that have been floating around against Jews for aeons of history”.

Gall is another pot calling the kettle black. Her watchdog has a long record of hating Israel. HRW founder Robert Bernstein admitted that his creation’s hatred of Israel is an embarrassment. To add to the brew, HRW employed a ‘military analyst who was , an obsessive collector of Nazi memorabilia. It dismissed the madcap but kept his reports on Israel. As for Executive Director Kenneth Roth, he was described by the New York Sun as a “slur on the Jewish religion” and a “de-legitimization of Judaism the basis of much anti-Semitism.”

All too often the watchdogs who protect Soros by stigmatising opponents are the biggest anti-Semites, and often Jewish. A moot point: are they Amalekite crazies or Pharaoh rational types?

The myths and madness of hate are indiscriminate. Soros’ watchdogs are the most susceptible of all. And his empire is protected by moral paragons larking behind a veneer of nonsense.

Steve Apfel is an economist and costing specialist, but most of all a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction. His blog, ‘Balaam’s curse,’ is followed in 15 countries on 5 continents