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A Dutch court ordered two men behind an antisemitic soccer mural to visit the Holocaust Memorial in Amsterdam along with 60 hours of community service, NL Times reported.

The two defendants, 42-year-old man from Hoogvliet and a 47-year-old Rotterdammer, had created a caricature of Ajax soccer player Steven Berghuis on July 24 in the Crooswijk neighborhood of Rotterdam after after Berghuis was traded from Feyenoord to rival team Ajax.

The player was depicted in a concentration camp inmate uniform, with a yellow star with the letter “J,” a kippah and a large nose.

The 12-foot mural was captioned “Jews always run away.”

It was removed immediately by Rotterdam city authorities.

CIDI (the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel) said the mural was "a new low in football country."

The judge said the antisemitic graffiti was “shocking” and that it demonstrated the two men had no understand of "what the Holocaust has done and continues to do to the Jewish community in general, and survivors and their relatives in particular."

One of the men said during the trial that it was "never the intention to insult anyone.”

"If that happened then I'm sorry," he said. "It was more like a bit of satire, with maybe a bit of frustration in it."