Building fire (archive)
Building fire (archive)ISTOCK

A hamburger joint in Ramat Gan went up in flames Tuesday evening, in what may have been an arson, Israel Hayom reported.

The fire in the "Paris Texas" hamburger joint, which is now closed until further notice, was sparked in the container area in the Ramat Gan stock exchange.

It is not clear what caused the fire, but the possibility of arson is being investigated.

Itamar Wintraub, one of the owners of the hamburger bar, told Israel Hayom, "At four in the morning, we received a phone call from the police, asking that we come quickly to the place because our 'Paris Texas' is going up in flames and there are firefighters at the scene. All of the partners came to the container area quickly. We discovered the severity of the damage and in the coming days we will also discover what the source of the fire was and if it was arson."

"From Paris Texas' first day we concentrated on doing what we know how to do best, and every day we bring happiness to hundreds of hungry customers who come to us or who order a delivery. I hope that the source of the fire is not another person's or business' jealousy. In any case we will work hard to renovate the place and we promise that we will return to business quickly, and that we will even have surprising news."