I confess, I am simply on the wrong side.
I confess, I am simply on the wrong side.

With all of the discombobulated ugliness swirling around and splitting the USA, I think that the light bulb finally went on in my head. I finally understand that as a person I’m a good-for-nothing, as an individual I’m not too bright and as an American I’m simply on the wrong side. . It’s been long in coming but thank Heavens it’s here and I can fully and clearly analyze my miserable existence.

Where should I begin? Doesn’t matter. Any point of reference is as succinct as another. Tossing a coin, I picked the subject of Planned Parenthood.

My gut reaction to Planned Parenthood was always that this organization is promoting legal murder under the guise of legal abortion. In other words, this organization, in my old way of thinking, was making lots of money from the murder of unborn babies, millions of children since it’s creation in 1916. One short of 324,000 abortions were performed through Planned Parenthood help in 2014.

You do the calculations as to how many babies must have been aborted since the society’s inception.  Are you flabbergasted? I was too, until they told me that it’s the right thing to do. Imagine how many more people would populate this planet if all those aborted since 1916 were given the right to live.

I’m not taking into consideration any other organization or health facility performing abortions. I only pinpointed Planned Parenthood because they are getting millions of dollars of my tax money and yours towards legalized murder and it really ticked me off, until now, when the light bulb went on.

Describing abortions as legalized murder and resenting that my tax money is being used for that purpose makes me a worthless individual. I get it.

In an addendum to the above, I was wondering why a tax-paying citizen like me has to pay for the consequences of stupid shenanigans. I always thought that ‘…if you play, you pay…’ and I didn’t play, so why am I paying?

But, I got over the anger because that tax money is a privilege reserrved for the “I-deserve-it” other half of the American public, not for me. I got it.

The next point of reference which I opposed vehemently was same-sex marriage. I didn’t quite understand why an immoral mini-minority should have the right to impose its sick values on a majority which has walked and practiced the Biblical definition of marriage for thousands of years. I am not talking about a couple of men or women doing whatever they wish in private, but imposing their illicit behavior on the other 99% of humanity, just didn’t seem right. This is anything but marriage and no law will change it to be so.

Until I realized that those promoting the concept are in tune with the times and I am not. In today’s America (and most of Europe…and Israel, unfortunately) G-D has been banished. As far as they are concerned, He doesn’t exist and as such He can not impose or direct or instruct or order. It is open season for every individual’s baser sense to emerge from the depth of his or her sick mind. I must have been wrong for opposing the so-called “marriage” concept and I apologize.

Did you hear of the transgender scourge promoted by the Obama Administration? You know which? The one that was made into law? The one you have to follow or face harsh consequences? You didn’t? Well…I did and it is another sore point in my no good personality. I admit and I apologize.

In short. If on Tuesday, George decides that his mind is telling him that today he is a female and as such he wants to use the women’s bathroom, he has the right to do so and stopping him is a violation of the law. Did you get that? On Tuesday he is a ‘woman’ and on Wednesday he transforms back to being a man until the next time the mush between his temples directs him towards the ‘other’ facilities. By law, he can go into the female locker-room and use the showers.

Until today, I though it was simply sick and the Obama Administration was from another planet. Today I realize that it must be the right thing to do. After all, the president was for it. Why, you ask? I don’t really know. If you find out why the previous administration was so filth-prone as to demand and pass such a law and punish the ones who opposed this immorality, please let me know.

Just to add a bit more to the putrid atmosphere permeating this country, a friend of mine last week applied at the City-Clerk’s office for a marriage license…..he wants to marry his French Poodle.  I wished him mazal tov…..Why not? We must be consistent.

So far I have confessed that my original personality is warped and explained how it didn't fit in to the current Western world to the reader. Perhaps in the next segment, I will dig further into my mistakes and try to walk a straighter line with the takers, users, illegal immigrants, political thieves, corrupt officials, vicious leftists and the totally insane Maxine Waters.

Oh….Maxine! What a mental-midget………..Well maybe that's too much of  a challenge.