An open letter to the Chancellor of UC Berkeley
An open letter to the Chancellor of UC Berkeley

Dear Chancellor Christ;

When will UC Berkeley conduct itself like a true academic institution and not a platform for Jew-haters? I am an investigative journalist and have been following the activities of Hatem Bazian and his “Islamophobia” conferences.

Bazian has turned UC Berkeley into a cash cow for himself and other anti-Israel, anti-U.S, and pro-jihadi individuals. His scholastic work is little more than political euphemistic activism against the Jews, the people of Israel, and always to propagandizes on behalf of the terrorist group, Hamas.

Bazian, besides founding Students for Justice in Palestine, a Rico-style operation on US campuses to advance goals of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, also founded American Muslims for Palestine that Steve Emerson, the most prominent terrorism investigator, has also identified as a Hamas front.

I’m certain that your office is aware of Bazian’s recent entry attacking Jews on Twitter. Did you ever see it? It can be seen at the link below:

Bazian’s apology consisted of saying he has nothing against Jews, only Jews who support Israel b,ut time and again he has proven this - not an acceptable qualification anyway - a lie. His apology consisted of him saying in minced words that he works with some Jews who want to destroy Israel and that proves his lack of bias. As the head of a major research university, do you honestly believe he is sorry or is he simply sorry that he was caught?

At this link on the Web are survey articles by Campus Watch that show Bazian’s true colors and how he spreads anti-Semitism across the academic spectrum. They illustrate his anti-Semitism, publicly voiced at least back to 2005, many times in a campus venue. Bazian is an embarrassment to Cal, but previous administrations refused to be embarrassed. Maybe you can finally stop this person.

I’ve also covered Bazian’s Islamophobia conferences over the years as have some of my colleagues. They are an embarrassment to UC Berkeley that you as Chancellor should not allow on campus. Bazian usually holds them in Boalt Hall, which means at California taxpayer expense. Bazian now has “the first Islamic college in America”, Zaytuna, just two blocks from campus where he can hold his anti-Jewish hate-fest without using taxpayer-supported facilities. Even heating the building in Boalt, copying documents and other details cost California taxpayers money meant to advance research or education, but used to promote the worldwide i jihad Bazian has endorsed. Bazian just “called for papers” for his ninth Jewish hate-fest at Cal.

I urge you to read about one such conference here.

Bazian’s conferences, while they might have a few scholastic papers discussed, are more political activism events than anything. One conference I attended at Boalt had a presentation by a “professor” from Solomon College, described as a small liberal arts college back east, This woman professor told a tale of a Muslim student at the college having been accused of sexual harassment and then held prisoner by campus security in a basement overnight.

When I pressed for details, it turned out there is no Solomon College, and the woman professor refused to identify herself or the alleged student victim. This fairy tale was presented as a scholastic work about Islamophobia: it should have caused the removal of Bazian’s conferences for the future for fake scholasticism. When I had the microphone, and asked that if a Muslim student was held hostage why CAIR, (the next presenter) did not file suit to stop the incarceration that included kidnapping and false imprisonment, Bazian shouted me down and had the mike removed by one of his goons.

I suggest you also read:

Bazian is not just espousing a point of view not based on research, but using Cal as his bully pulpit against the Jews   He just did a “call for papers” on for his ninth such conference. If you won’t cancel this one, at least do not let him use Boalt Hall to lend credibility to his nonsense. 

I will be on Israel National News radio Wednesday in a broadcast heard worldwide to discuss this letter and inspire followers in California and the US as well as Israel to ask you to stop these pseudo-scholastic events run by Bazian, or at least let him do them at Zaytuna.

He should have been fired for his latest anti-Semitic tweets, but the question is also whether UC Berkeley cannot distinguish pseudo-scholasticism from honest research.

Your response would be much appreciated.


Lee Kaplan

Note: Readers and listeners can send this letter or a variant to UC Berkeley’s new Chancellor at [email protected]