Balfour would never be approved today
Balfour would never be approved today

History is known.

On November 2, 100 years ago, with the Balfour Declaration, the British government sanctioned the return of the Jewish people to its land for the creation of the State of Israel. The San Remo Conference in 1920 and the League of Nations vote in 1922 made that an international decision,

Between 1918 and 1936, another 150,000 Jews settled there, reinforcing the Jewish community and building cities and farms, turning a sterile desert into a garden. Then the disaster happened.

A number of Arab anti-Jewish in 1929 and 1936 killed hundreds of Jews and led to the British 1939 anti-Jewish policy, capitulating to Arab demands and the “White Paper” which forbade Jewish emigration.

Following the Holocaust, the UK refused to allow Holocaust survivors to go to Israel. About 113,000 Jews clandestinely reached the land, but Britain was now incapable of implementing the promise of a Jewish State.

The true “betrayal” of Balfour is another one: Israel should have been proclaimed in 1939, not in 1948.
In November 1947, 30 years after Balfour, the United Nations voted for the division of land and the creation of the State of Israel on a small sliver of land, with most of the San Remo allocation given to the Arabs: 33 nations voted in favor and 13 against it. Israel accepted it,the Arabs did not.On May 14, 1948, Israel was proclaimed. The Arabs immediately sought to suffocate the new Jewish state.

Israel is still there. Fighting the war that the Arab-Islamic world has declared to cancel Balfour and UN vote. With only one difference: if a vote would be held today at the United Nations, Israel would never be created. Both the UN and the UK today are two global bases of anti-Semitism. 

As an article in the Wall Street Journal explained, the same heirs of Lord Balfour and Lord George were divided about the centenary of Balfour. Some took even part in the protests against Israel. It is said that Balfour has been “betrayed” because a Palestinian State has not been created along a Jewish one. It is false. That new Arab state was not born because of the refusal of the Arab-Islamic world to accept the Jewish state in its bosom.

The true “betrayal” of Balfour is another one: Israel should have been proclaimed in 1939, not in 1948. Israel would have welcomed and saved millions of Jews thrown and burned by the Nazis. I prefer to remember it with the pictures of the Israeli jets flying over Birkenau crematoria.