The West cannot even read Shakespeare anymore
The West cannot even read Shakespeare anymore

Poor William Shakespeare, treated like Harvey Weinstein. Cambridge's students today receive a “trigger warning” to allow them to read Shakespeare's comedies without being shocked. Students will be warned that the reading of the “Comedy of Errors” and “Titus Andronicus” will include “discussions on sexual violence” and representations of “sexual violence”.

Cambridge's teachers now claim that the trigger warning on Shakespeare is meant to protect the “mental health” of students. As if their duty as educators is not to prepare the students for the world, but to protect them for three years.

In the last issue of the magazine American Interest, English sociologist Frank Furedi called the university in the West an asylum. A LexisNexis database did not find any reference to “vulnerable students” in the 1960s and 1970s. During the 1980s there were 13 references. During the year 2015-16 there were 1,407 references. Outside the hospitals, the university has probably become the most medicalized institution of Western culture. We created a comfort zone in which the West is committing suicide.  
The Western student is now a psychiatric patient.

How can we pretend that the West will have the cultural and physical strength to defeat radical Islam if its students are not even able to read Shakespeare without trigger warnings? This is an ideological cancer which convinced Western public opinion that Crusades and Jihad are on the same moral level, that Western capitalism savaged the Third World, that there is no difference between Enlightenment and Sharia, that puritans deserve to be censored at Harvard, that “Huckelberry Finn” is more dangerous than the Mein Kampf and that Zionism is a plot to colonize the Arab natives.

It is an unprecedented wave of cultural nihilism, fed by digital socialism and historic sense of guilt, which is tearing apart our civilization and culture more efficiently than Islamic fundamentalism. We created a comfort zone in which the West is committing suicide.