The tears seen round the world
The tears seen round the world

He cried. The poor, broken man stood there, in his signature pose, his glasses sitting on the tip of his nose, his eyes looking out above the frames and his voice choked with emotion. A tear or two actually were seen shining in the corners of his eyes. In a voice packed with emotion the man decried the “mean-spirited, un-American” executive order issued by President Trump temporarily restricting the visas of would-be immigrants from seven Muslim countries - later overturned by federal judge James Robart. Oh, my goodness! My heart shattered for this poor, sensitive, emotional man.

It took me about three seconds to come to my senses.

Who is Charles Schumer kidding? What exactly was he trying to convey? Was it his deep feelings for the down-trodden, for the persecuted, for the expelled, that overtook him at the moment the temporary immigration ban {temporary} went into effect? Was he really so deeply distressed at the prospect that perhaps one of those temporarily barred, so-called refugees, would be closely vetted and found to harbor ill intentions? Or, perhaps, his humanity simply could not bear the thought that people from countries seeking to harm the United States will have to answer some serious questions before being allowed to enter and roam free amongst us?

I have a few questions for you, Mr. Schumer. I would like you to answer the following questions which bother every normal person who is not a bleeding-heart liberal bent on continuing the destruction of the United States by following the path trampled by President Trump’s predecessor. I hope you don’t mind.

Do you lock your windows and doors at night or do you leave them open? Do you have an intercom in your residence? Have you installed security cameras so that intruders are seen and caught prior to causing you or members of your family any harm? Based on your contention that barring harm-intentioned immigrants from our shores is ‘un-American and ill spirited’, how can you take precautions to stop illegal intruders from your home? Can you answer these for me?

Mr. Schumer:

Most of the Moslem countries in the world forbid Israelis from entering their countries. Many of them also forbid any Jew from setting foot in their lands. I don’t remember seeing you shed one tear for those Jews barred from Yemen, Iraq, Syria and the rest. Why not?

I don’t remember seeing you tear-up from the horror stories relating how the Yazidi population is being slaughtered, abused, beaten and sold into slavery by the ISIS murderers. Hundreds of thousands have been massacred in Syria and I have yet to see you shed one tear for the thousands of women and children murdered and mutilated by Bashar Assad. And, please remind me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember you bemoaning the kidnapping and molesting of hundreds of young school girls by the Nigerian Islamist terror group, Boka Haram.

It is interesting, Mr. Schumer, that the prior occupant of the White House did as he pleased, including banning refugees from Iraq, yet you didn’t spit out a single protest.

Women in Saudi Arabia are degraded and treated as property to be sold, traded and abused at will. They have extremely few, if any, privileges other than those approved by their male ‘owner,’ be it husband, brother, son or other male. How is it that you never cried over their plight?

Where is your concern for me, for an American citizen who is not comfortable with your ‘let-every-one-in’; attitude? Why are we, the American citizens, obligated to be fearful for our lives and security because people like you, who live under heavy security don’t really take our needs into consideration?

And why am I obligated to foot the bill for illegal immigrants of which many have come to our shores with the precise intent of harming or killing me or you? Yes, you!  When the WTC was destroyed, the killers didn’t differentiate between me or you. Had you been there, you would have been protesting President Trump’s executive orders from on high.

How could a man of your stature support and vote for a corrupt woman who compromised sensitive national secrets, sacrificed the lives of four innocent Americans in Libya, sold state favors for heavy cash, pocketed millions of dollars designated for a supposed charitable fund? Save your tears for the brave Ambassador and Marines who were thrown to the wolves by your candidate. 

I have many more questions that I can ask you regarding your stance on the executive order last week, after watching you, shed tears.

If anything is to be dubbed as ‘un-American’, Mr. Schumer, it is your tearful reaction.