Can leftists be convinced to see the truth about Israel?
Can leftists be convinced to see the truth about Israel?

There is a new leader of the anti-Israel movement in the US, and his name is Bernie Sanders. It may be unintentional, but he is leading an epic anti-Israel storm that threatens to drown the Jewish State should this leftist Jew become president of the US or continue attracting followers even if not chosen as the Democratic candidate for president.

The New star of the anti-Israel movement has joined forces with BDS and some and Jew-hater activists, who have been flooding American and Canadian university campuses with imported Arab propaganda. Many more left-leaning American Jews have abandoned Israel, accusing the Jewish State of exercising apartheid when it comes to the Palestinians in Israel, in the 'West Bank' and Gaza, using 'disproportionate' force when defending the Jewish state against Hamas during the latest Gazan war in 2014, and continuing to “occupy” and grab Arab land unjustifiably.

Left-leaning ideology is an ideology obsessed with rooting for the underdog, the poor, the deprived, the loser. or whoever they perceived as one of the above. As a rule, the flag bearers of this standpoint are quite aggressive—even to the point of turning violent—in their quest for saving the world from its villains. They represent David against Goliath, Don Quixote against the windmills, “Good” against “Evil”—or so they believe. These left-leaning individuals disregard the fact that their favorite underdog is a war criminal, a mass murderer, an inherent anti-Semite or just a low-life SOB, who has done a disappearing trick with the billions donated to the Palestinian Arabs.. Consequently, they rush to offer protection and support to the “poor” Palestinians, accusing Israel of committing war crimes at the same time.  

It is true that the state of Israel used to be a favorite among many left leaning personalities up until she won the Six-Day War in 1967. That war changed the geography of the Middle East. Israel’s, unexpected, but magnificent triumph, over several, better-equipped genocidal Arab enemies, transformed her image from the underdog to the 'occupier' All of a sudden, the nation of Palestine, which had not existed before 1967, the smallest community of the huge Arab nation, decided to become its own nation.

A splinter set of Goliath’s teeth, a former aggressor turned loser became a favorite of the left, while the winner, the former underdog, the David, became the villain—It had won and therefore it was no longer the smaller fry. The large and powerful Arab or Muslim countries still set to annihilate israel were put on the back burner, heeding Soviet pr advice, so it could seem that mighty Israel was fighting the defenseless Palestinian Arabs.

The Palestinian Arabs and their other Arab friends treat the left as its vehicle of useful idiots; the left is being manipulated as an instrument for achieving their final objective. The left leaning ideology is the Achilles heel of the Western democracies. The rest of us must wake up and understand that this virus can become deadly, just as it did in Hitler’s Germany and in Lenin’s Russia. We must develop early resistance, a vaccine, not a politically correct one.

Israel’s image restoration strategy has been based, until now, on trying to undermine the leftists’ credibility by trying to prove that the Palestinian underdog deserved its fate; that the Palestinian underdog did not have the truth on his side; that the underdog belonged with evil war criminals and was just like Islamists, like Hamas, like Hezbollah, like al Qaeda, just like the rest of the world’s death-seeking martyrs who murder innocents everywhere.

And yet, the left was not buying into this characterization. The Palestinian Arabs, their “faults” notwithstanding, were still the underdog, and consequently, according to the left, they were not terrorists; they only “fought and resisted the occupation.”

It did not matter that these Palestinian Arabs were the ones who initiated the Gazan war in 2014, that these underdogs were shooting missiles at Israeli population centers (before the onset of the war) while hiding behind their civilians in schools, private homes and hospitals, committing war crimes on top of war crimes, or that Israel disengaged from Gaza in August 2005 and there was no blockade over the territory until Hamas took it over, converting the newly liberated areas into missile-launching military zones.

It has never bothered these leftists that Hamas is actually targeting civilian Jews, while Israel, during the Gaza war, was trying extremely hard to avoid civilian casualties, putting Israeli soldiers at risk to their own lives as a result. It still does not matter to those leftists who focus on the destruction of Gaza during the 2014 war, that Hamas has been drawing off cement—delivered by Israel to Gaza for the purpose of rebuilding homes destroyed during the Gazan war—in order to build underground tunnels designed to infiltrate Israeli towns and villages and murder Jewish civilians. It’s a fact that helping Hamas restore housing to those who had lost it in the last war, is only benefitting Hamas’s tunnel construction in preparation for the next round of war and destruction.

As long as Hamas is perceived as the underdog the left is deaf, blind and dumb. It refuses to see that their "underdog" is the evil dog. This kind of filter is simply beyond lefty comprehension.

So what is Israel to do?

1. Stop letting itself be seen as Goliath:

Israel should be using a different strategy in convincing the left-leaning, the Sanders-type, of its innocence, righteousness and its right to exist in its better secured homeland. The Jewish State must work hard to transform its distorted image from an occupier to a fighter for its survival. Israel should strive to be perceived as an underdog, as a David rather than an ugly Goliath, because Goliath is not only a matter of military strength.

Although Jews’ right to the land of Israel is rooted in history, this argument does not stick with the left because they either buy the rewritten Palestinian version, or they point to more recent history where most of the Jewish nation was absent from the land, contradicting their own "indigenous people"'s credo.. An argument that could work better is a claim that staying in Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights is deeply rooted in the need for security, in the need for survival. Losing control over these territories will bring about an existential threat to the Jewish state and its Jewish population who confront a stormy sea of Arabs and non-Arab Muslims (not limited to Palestinian Arabs) seeking its destruction. Israel is clearly the only one facing an existential threat. No one else, not even the Palestinians, face a threat to their existence. Israelis the underdog - in this struggle for survival.

Israel should explain that the Palestinians are not interested in peace. Their sole objective is the replacement of Israel by a Palestinian Arab state. They say it; they announce it on their TV broadcasts, in their school textbooks, and they resort to terror as they act upon it. They are the aggressive Goliath with respect to intentions in this scenario. They are not the underdog here.

2. Emphasize what Israeli Arabs enjoy and how Israel helps Palestinian Arabs

Israel should emphasize that even as an underdog, even when it fights for survival on a daily basis, it is a democracy. It cares for its Arab residents and neighbors. Israeli Arabs are represented in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, by their brothers. They speak their minds; some criticize the state, yell, and curse the "Zionists" while delivering their hostile messages to the public over the official pulpit. It's their right, and they use it.

Israeli Arabs vote freely in the general elections, teach, study and rally at Israeli universities, represent their Israeli clients in courts, serve as judges on the Supreme Court; Israeli Arabs, doctors and nurses, provide medical services in Israeli hospitals; others serve as managers in Israeli companies, overseeing Jewish citizens. In short, they are involved in everyday life to the same degree as their Jewish counterparts.   

Palestinian children—hundreds from Gaza and from the 'West Bank', the so-called "occupied" territories, a.k.a. where Israel's enemies live—cross into Israel on a daily basis for treatment in Israeli hospitals. They stay in the same rooms with Israeli Jewish children, receive identical treatment, and their accompanying adults stay overnight in special hostels, provided by the hospitals for these particular purposes. Most children from the Palestinian Arab territories are badly brainwashed by PLO propaganda before their arrival; they are scared and anxious at first, but quickly learn that they are welcome and loved just like their Jewish roommates.  

3. Ask - loudly - where's the money that flows into the PA?

4. Talk about Muslim apartheid and proportionate force

And finally it should be noted that the most prominent Apartheid states in this world are the Muslim states since in following the Qur'an they treat non-Muslims as inferior beings—as dhimmis. Calling Israel an apartheid state and counting the Arabs out of that sphere, condemning Israel about its use of disproportionate force against Arab terrorist regimes or blaming it for refusing to initiate a two-state-solution, is like trying to tell the US government to stop employing disproportionate force against ISIS (since ISIS has no air force), trying to form a two-state solution between ISIS and Iraq, ISIS and Syria, or stopping the end of speech “God Bless America” since this statement may be viewed as discriminatory (apartheid?), as it’s favoring America over all others.