Europe reacts to its impotence by taking it out on the Jews
Europe reacts to its impotence by taking it out on the Jews

Germany’s Muslim population will quadruple to an astonishing 20 million within the next five years (2020), according to a demographic forecast by Bavarian lawmakers. The German government will receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and possibly even more in 2016.

France’s Muslim Population will be more than 10 percent by 2030. And according to the study British Muslims in Numbers based on the 2011 census and undertaken by the Muslim Council of Britain, the British Muslim population already witnessed a 75 percent increase over the past ten years, an “unprecedented” population growth according to Prof David Voas of Essex University.

It is the same scenario everywhere in Europe. The “old continent” is experiencing a devastating phenomenon of demographic self-liquidation and spiritual immolation which has no precedent in the Western civilization’s history.

Europe is finding it impossible to control its borders against Muslim migrants. And how is Europe reacting to this existential and physical impotence? By taking it out on the Jews, or, by displacement, the Jewish State. This makes the Europeans feel good because they are making themselves look good to their Muslim populations by doing something they, the Muslim population, will approve of. They are thus appeasing their growing Muslim minorities of whom they are afraid by betraying, again, the Jewish people.

This is how to explain the fact that for the first time since Germany did so 70 years ago, the European Union has just imposed a special label on Jewish products.

This is how you explain the fact that Europe’s mainstream is condemning Israel’s security forces for defending herself in this new terror wave.

This is how you explain the fact that Europe is opening her trade to Iran’s anti-Semitic regime while imposing sanctions on the Jewish State.

This is how you explain the fact that, from Oxford to Bordeaux, hundreds of European academicians are undertaking a boycott of Israeli universities.

This is how you explain the fact that anti-Semitism has become the common currency on most of Europe’s streets.

Europe doesn’t want to live under the psychological burden of Auschwitz forever. All the Jews are living reminders of the moral failure of Europe and this leads to the projection of guilt and shame on Israel as “the occupier” and “the aggressor” and on the remaining European Jews.

Indeed, it’s a tragic but unavoidable process: an Islamicized and moribund Europe will be a Jew-free continent and it will lead the battle of delegitimation against the State of Israel.