"For Internal Use Only"?
"For Internal Use Only"?

The new Israeli government campaign to fight PA incitement, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely, faces a recalcitrant bureaucracy.

Our agency asked a senior official of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs for information from open sources as to how the PA media and PA officials responded to last week’s murders. His response: Information on the subject is for “internal use only” and that there are other gov’t departments who can share that information. 

Our office has updated that official that no other Israeli government department will provide that information. But even JTA, which rarely reports what the PA conveys to their own people, chose to publicize a report that the PA media praised the murder attacks.


1. IF the Israeli gov’t  were to publicize that the PA praised these murders, it would be difficult for this same government to describe the PA as an independent entity that could live as state, in peace, alongside Israel.

2. Since the Oslo Process in 1993, Israel has blocked info on PA media output.

3. When the Israeli security services publicized that Hamas members were nabbed for the recent murders, these sources would not admit that the PSF, the Palestinian Security Forces, armed by the Israeli government, includes Hamas fighters in its ranks.

Our research show that the PSF never vetted its members to determine if there were fighters in the PSF from Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the Al Aqsa Brigades. See here.

4. Were the Israeli gov’t to admit these indiscretions of the PSF, the Israeli gov’t would be pressured to disarm the PSF. 

After all, the Israeli government promises an unarmed Palestinian state.

5. Meanwhile, the Israel Civil Administration, known as COGAT, provides 800 trucks each day of unchecked merchandise for sale in Gaza, under the title of “humanitarian aid”. Were COGAT to acknowledge that cement was reaching Hamas enterprises and Hamas run schools, it would be difficult for the Israeli government to explain itself.

6. NESHER Corporation, the cement czar, accrues profits from Gaza exports. NESHER is the key corporation behind the Portland Trust, the Israel Palestine Chamber of Commerce and the Peres Center for Peace. 

Criminology 101 teaches that when a crime is committed, there are those who profit from it...