Europe is Just Fine with the Killing of 626 Jews
Europe is Just Fine with the Killing of 626 Jews

Since 2001, Hamas terrorists have launched thousands of rockets and mortars on Israel and Gush Katif from the Gaza Strip. As of November 2012, the attacks have killed 64 Israelis, mostly civilians, and injured thousands.

We have to add another one this week, a Jew killed while giving food to the soldiers.

These are only some of the Jews killed whom the Europen Union condoned by legitimizing Hamas' power in Gaza.

A few days before the three Israeli students were killed and rockets began to rain again all over Israel, the European Union and the White House expressed their support for the new Palestinian government with Hamas.

Between February 1989 and March 2000, Hamas killed 185 Jews in several attacks: shootings, suicide bombings, stabbings.

In 1993, Hamas carried out the first suicide attack. Between October 2000 and October 2006, there were 167 identified suicide bomber attacks. During the Second Intifada, Hamas slaughtered 377 Israelis.

It adds up to a total number of 626 Jews killed by Hamas.

If you consider it legitimate to continue talking and working with Hamas, on which political and moral ground can you condemn its pogroms against the Jewish people?

When three Jews were killed in Toulouse, France, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton compared them with "children who are killed in Gaza". This is the same as Hamas' genocidal ideology.

First the European Union and the United States embraced Yasser Arafat and his thugs, who killed thousands of Jews. They gave them money and weapons to commit another mini Holocaust. It is now the turn of Hamas.

Europe is not interested in the Jewish children whose throats were cut in Itamar or the ones murdered in the school in Ma'alot or in the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. For Europe, Jewish children are just "untermenschen" as defined by the Nazis.

Europe and America think that the life of a Jewish child in Sderot or Ashkelon, who lives, eats and sleeps in a shelter, is less valuable than the life of a Palestinian Arab child who acts as a human shield for those who would massacre Jewish children.

Brussels and Washington sponsored the "moderate" PLO, an organization of murderers and Holocaust deniers now officially dedicated to the mass deportation-murder of Israel’s Jews.

Why not rehabilitate Sheikh Yassin, who praised blowing-up Jewish women and children? Why not justify Doctor Rantisi, who promised "we will not leave one Jew in Palestine"?

We heard the same cry in Europe's streets this week: "Slaughter the Jews".

It is the new EuroAuschwitz!