Patinkin and the Jewish State
Patinkin and the Jewish State

Israel’s Pravda, Ha’aretz,  was all busy gushing over the fact that the Showtime cable series  “Homeland”, starring Mandy Painkin and Clare Danes, is shooting in Israel this summer for its second season.

The series, an American clone of a successful Israeli television spy series, has been a hit in the US. Not to miss a  media opportunity, Israel’s leftist loonies couldn’t help mentioning that Patinkin, a moderately famous actor in the US, is on the board of directors of Americans for Peace Now and spoke at a leftist conference in Israel to discuss Netanyahu’s new government.

I learned of this in a missive broadcast by the International Solidarity Movement, the same ISM that recently caused the Lt. Colonel Eisner controversy in Israel.

Patinkin, who spoke at the conference, is quoted as saying that he  “compared a visit he made to the West Bank city of Hevron 30 years ago with one he made this week, saying that this week’s visit left him “very sad” and “very, very worried.” He called on conference participants to continue the fight for peace.”

Let me translate what Mandy Patinkin was really saying in the Jewish-leftists-for-another Holocaust language when he spoke of the “fight for peace” and what makes him so sad: Patinkin is really saying he’s sorry to see Jews still living in what was once King David’s capital city and a place that houses one of Judaism’s most precious shrines, a resilient bunch of Jews that refuse to live up to the Arab dream of having a Jew-free west bank and Hevron from which to launch a final solution against the Jews inside the Green Line.

The Palestinian “revolution” takes all of the land of Israel from the Jews as part of their right of return, so Patinkin may want you to think he’s only seeking peace between Jews and Arabs both living side by side in two states, but what he really wants is what the Arabs want as part of their “revolution”.

That idea is that there indeed will be peace when the Jews are finally conquered by the Arabs once and for all and forced to live under Arab domination (if allowed to live at all), along the lines of the Marxist PFLP line of the late George Habash. This is all part of the communist-anarchist revolutionary mindset of “Jews” of Jewish ancestry who really don’t give a fig about the Jewish people.

It is as if Gaza wasn’t enough for them, a place from which Israel deported 8,000 Jews, making Gush Katif Judenrein or Jew free, but only brought 8,000 missiles raining down on the heads of Jews in the South.  Patinkin and his APN gang want the same to happen from Judea and Samaria.

Let me tell you a few things about Americans for Peace Now and Mandy Patinkin: APN has been actively trying to dispossess the Jews of Judea and Samaria of their homes in the interest of this “peace”, no matter how absurd, for a long time now.

APN took EU money to have airplanes take aerial photographs of Jewish communities to see if discrepancies could be found in how the communities were placed - and during the ten month construction freeze, to see if anyone was adding a room or patio to their home in Judea and Samaria.

This espionage didn’t just stop there as they also sought to photograph IDF Security bases.

If a Jewish community seemed to be slightly beyond what was supposed to be its borders, APN tried to make an issue of it with the UN (can’t allow those pesky Jews a few feet of “Palestinian land”).

APN has also endorsed heartily the boycott of Israel, especially the cultural boycott of Israel.

APN and Patinkin are linked to the Arab front group, Jewish Voice for Peace. Patinkin, an actor, not only signed a petition urging artists to boycott theater and other Jewish actors in the Jewish community of Ariel, but Patinkin has let Jewish Voice for Peace use his name to promote the rest of their anti-Semitic agenda.

Jewish Voice for Peace has a history that leftist Jews like Patinkin usually know nothing about or choose to ignore. Again “peace”, for Jewish Voice for Peace, means giving the Arabs whatever their goals are against the Jews. 

Jewish Voice for Peace boasts among its membership virulent anti-Semites such as Paul LaRudee, the west coast leader of the ISM in the United States, whom Israel deported back in 2006 after I exposed his entering the country under a false name to meet with and support Hamas. 

JVP was founded by a corpulent Berkeley radical named Mitchell Plitnick. At first largely populated by anti-Semite Marxists and Arabs to act as a Jewish front for Arabs and anti-Israel groups in America and to make people think that Jews were just as anti-Israel as the Arab groups that also make up the ISM.

Plitnick has stated repeatedly the Exodus and other Jewish history from the Bible are fantasies and has openly called for boycotting and thereby starving the Jews of Israel, something that obviously also appeals to Patinkin.

Jewish Voice for Peace has met many times with the Washington Report of Middle East Affairs to condemn and promote the boycotts and divestment from Israel.  WRMEA was started by some US state department hacks with Saudi support and money and used to host even neo-Nazis like David Duke at their events to also promote the boycott and attacks on Israel.

Plitnick and Jewish Voice for Peace would join them in supporting these events and have even been promoted by Holocaust denial groups, something JVP does not condemn. Plitnick, thanks to JVP, and “Jews” like Patinkin, even manages to pass himself off as a “peace activist” who spoke alongside Dennis Kucinich during Operation Cast Lead in support of the Jew-killers in Hamas. Both men bemoaned the killing of 1,200 Palestinian “civilians”, most of whom were armed terrorist combatants.

Plitnick met his wife through an internet dating site for fat people and engages in swinger sex with other fatties. In addition, as the head of JVP, Plitnick would tour the United States connecting with other fat people for BDSM (that’s bondage, and sado-masochistic trysts) he scheduled over the Internet. He used JVP’s non-profit status to pay for his trips.

Apparently, JVP has connections and leadership that emanates from Israel’s radical left and communist party, because when it was learned where the funding for Plitnick’s above-described  trips around the US really were coming from, they sent a new radical from the lesbians for Palestine gang  named Cecilie Surasky to take over his job and head Jewish Voice for Peace in America.

Surasky devised the idea of claiming that Jewish Voice for Peace is being “muzzled” by the pro-Israel Jewish community,when persons like myself point out they are an Arab front group of “Jewish” Marxists - in name only -  who really want to help the Arabs destroy a Jewish state.

Patinkin sees nothing wrong with hanging out with these people and pushing their agenda. One has to wonder at the motives of a pampered Hollywood “Jewish” movie star who would encourage the dispossession of other Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

We never heard Patinkin, APN or JVP condemn the brutal murder of the Fogel family by Arab irredentists who don’t want any Jews living anywhere in Judea and Samaria, while they demand Israel be overrun by any Arab who wants to claim ownership of Jewish homes and property within the Green Line.

Jews cheering on the dispossession of Jews from their homes even in a new Palestinian state is no less reprehensible than the acts of the Judenrat and Jewish Police in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Patinkin is really for the end of the Jewish state of Israel and shouldn’t be regarded as being in Israel to make peace, but rather to play his role in the Homeland series. While he’s here he’ll gladly help Arab “peace” goals that really will only encourage the incessant notion that Judea and Samaria must be “Jew free” and allow for another missile launching zone against Israel such as Gaza is today.

Since he supports the boycotting and starving of Jews, a tactic founded by the Arab League in 1950, I’d suggest Israelis who see him shooting his Homeland TV Show stage similar boycotts and demonstrations on location in the background. Israel already has enough home grown anarchists and radicals with sick minds who want the Jewish state dismantled and dominated by Arab fascism.

Mandy Patinkin and “Homeland” should just go home!